Chinese espionage and external interference destroying democracy

Chinese spy movements rise in Belgium, China attempts to grow influence in Europe  

Chinese espionageBrussels: Following the reports of interference in the internal matters of the United States and Australia, Chinese espionage is being exposed now, even in Europe. The Belgian intelligence agency has confirmed the report, saying that the number of spies in Europe currently is more than during the Cold War and also that their numbers are far more than those of the Russian spies. The reason behind the increased Chinese activity in Belgium’s capital, Brussels is said to be the presence of the headquarters of the European Union (EU) and NATO as also due to the consistent movements of the diplomatic officials in the city.  

A few months ago, a German magazine had claimed that there are nearly 250 spies were active in Belgium alone. 

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Australia sets up a high-level intelligence task force to counter Chinese interference and espionage 

Chinese espionageCanberra/Beijing: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the establishment of high-level intelligence task force emphasising that ‘Any activities against Australia’s interests will be busted’. In the last year, information on China carrying out secret activities in the Australian political, social, economic and educational sectors had repeatedly surfaced. Given the developments, the new task force has been set up with the sole aim of curtailing the Chinese activities, the Australian sources claimed.  

Only last week, Duncan Lewis, former head of Australian intelligence agency, had levelled serious allegations against China stating the country was trying to take over the entire political system in Australia. 

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Taiwan’s ruling party denounces China as an ‘enemy of democracy’ for meddling in upcoming elections 

Taipei: The Taiwanese government declared that ‘China is preparing to interfere in Taiwan’s elections and is an enemy of democracy. The people of Taiwan will never tolerate China’s interference.’ Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen warned that along with Taiwan, China should also respect the democratic elections that were held in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong elections were swept by the pro-democracy groups in a landslide victory and are said to be a significant shock for China. Given the circumstances, the Taiwanese President has targeted China.  

Last week, a Chinese spy named Wang Liquiang asked for asylum in Australia. While talking to the Australian media, the former spy revealed that China was interfering in the Hong Kong and Taiwan elections.  

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Australia begins investigations into expose of Chinese espionage in the country

Canberra/Beijing: An investigation has been ordered into the activities of the ruling Chinese communist regime in the Australian political system. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that the plot mentioned by the Chinese spy and related activities, were shocking and a cause for significant concern. However, China has dismissed the allegations levelled against it, claiming the spy, who seeks protection from Australia, was a fraud.  

Recently, a Chinese spy made a startling revelation on how the Chinese government and intelligence agencies were interfering in the political and other systems in other countries. The name of the Chinese spy is Wang William Liqiang, and he has urged Australia to provide asylum to him. The spy is said to have given the complete information regarding the matter to the Australian intelligence agency the ”Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)”.  

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China aims to ‘take over’ Australian political system, says former Australian intelligence chief

Chinese espionageCanberra/Beijing: The former head of Australian intelligence levelled severe accusations against China, saying that its government was attempting to take complete control over the Australian political system with insidious operations. Any person in the Australian government could be a target of the crooked Chinese policies, and it may take decades to realise the effects of the actions, former Director-General of ‘Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)’ Duncan Lewis warned.

Over the past few months, the relations between Australia and China have been increasingly strained over various issues ranging from trade, the South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has taken an open stand of opposing China warning that Australia would not tolerate any pressure or interference from the nation under any circumstances. It has thus caused the Chinese regime, trying to increase China’s influence in Australia for the last few years, to become extremely agitated.

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Japan buys island to challenge China’s growing threat in East China Sea

Tokyo: Japan has accelerated its movements to corner China in the East China Sea dispute. The country has purchased an uninhabited island in the East China Sea. Japan informed that they were to establish a military base on the island that they had used during World War II. China has objected to Japan’s move criticizing it to have sparked fears in the region.

The Japanese government informed that ‘We have legally purchased the Mageshima Island in the East China Sea. Japan purchased the privately-owned island for $140 million. Yoshihide Suga, the Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary, expressed confidence that the island, which is located at a mere distance of 20 miles from Japan’s coastline, would help strengthen the security of Japan’s interests in the East China Sea. 

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Hong Kong protests see huge turnout; protestors call it an ultimatum to pro-China regime

Chinese espionageHong Kong: Protests are turning out in massive numbers from Sunday, reviving the Hong Kong demonstrations with an ultimatum that they would fight for Hong Kong’s independence until their last breath. On the sidelines of the success of the pro-democracy groups in the elections held a few days ago, and the growing international pressure on China, the protestors seem to have resolved to adopt a more aggressive stance, apparent in the Sunday protests. At the same time, the security forces have also started preparations for varied options to quell the protests, and some of the police units were reportedly carrying AR-15 rifles.  

It has been six months since the protests began, and their extent only appears to be increasing thereon. The demonstrations pose an unexpected challenge from Hong Kong to the ruling communist regime and have created a divide within the party over the issue. The six-month-long protest in Hong Kong is widely believed to be a failure of President Xi’s leadership in the Chinese political circles. At the same time, a group in the regime insisted that decisive action must be taken to put an end to the issue. 

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Growing US-China rivalry will trigger a financial war, warns former Chinese Finance Minister  

Beijing: Former Chinese Finance Minister Lou Jiwei issued a clear warning that ‘The growing rivalry between the United States and China will culminate into a financial war.’ In the last few days, signs were visible of an agreement being reached to end the raging US-China trade war. On the sidelines of the developments, a warning coming from the Chinese Finance Minister, currently a part of an influential committee of the ruling Communist Party, gains much significance.  

Finance Minister Jiwei highlighted a new conflict between the two states saying, ‘The next step in the frictions between China and the United States is a financial war. It is characterized by the use of long-arm jurisdiction, by various excuses to block specific enterprises, such as the bans on ZTE and Huawei.’  

Jiwei went on to claim that ‘The US has been hijacked by nationalism and populism, so will do everything in its power to use bullying measures’. The containment and anti-containment between rivals are inevitable and will be a long-term issue, Jiwei asserted. Read More :

No mercy’ orders for Uyghur crackdown in Xinjiang released directly by China’s President Xi, claims US daily

Chinese espionageWashington:/Beijing: A US daily asserted that the orders to show ‘Absolutely No Mercy’ and execute ruthless crackdown against the intrusion and other activities of the Uyghurs, by using the state agencies under China’s dictatorial Communist regime, were issued directly by President Xi Jinping. The matter was exposed after a member of the ruling Chinese government handed documents on the action against the Uyghurs. China reacted sharply to the incident with an aggressive response saying that the clampdown against the Uyghurs would continue.  

In last August, the Chinese government had reportedly put 1.1 million Uyghurs, who are also Chinese citizens under house arrest. The issue concerning the Uyghurs was raised once again after the United Nations (UN) released the report. The report revealed that the Uyghur Muslims were imprisoned in the detainment camps termed by the Communist regime as re-education camps or training centres.  

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