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China & Pakistan are trying to dominate Afghanistan as US begins to withdraw

44 Taliban terrorists killed in Afghan military action

Kabul: The Afghan military killed 44 Taliban terrorists during actions taken in the Nangarhar and Farah provinces. There are only a few days left in the negotiations between the Afghan government and Taliban at Qatar. Even in this situation, the intensity of conflicts between the Afghan military and Taliban is increasing.

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China had offered bounties to kill US troops in Afghanistan

Virginia: – China had offered funding to the non-state actors in Afghanistan for attacking the US soldiers, deployed there. US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien informed President Trump regarding this. A website in the United States published this information citing confidential reports, but the news could not be verified.

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Blackwater mercenaries will be deployed in Afghanistan following US military withdrawal

Islamabad: – US President Donald Trump is firm regarding the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. The withdrawal will start in the next few days. President-elect Joe Biden will also not halt this military withdrawal. 

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Pakistan is using Taliban like a weapon to rule over Afghanistan: Afrasiab Khattak

Islamabad/Kabul: – Former Pakistan lawmaker Afrasiab Khattak accused ‘Pakistan wants domination over Afghanistan for military reasons. Therefore, Pakistan is using Taliban as a weapon. Not only that, but even Pakistan is using Al Qaeda to achieve its regional objectives.’

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Taliban leaders in Pakistan pose a threat to Afghanistan, criticises Afghan Foreign Ministry

Washington: The Afghan foreign department criticised the presence of the Taliban leaders in Pakistan. Moreover, their visits to the terrorist training camps pose a threat to Afghanistan’s sovereignty; this is a matter of grave concern. A few days ago, videos were posted on the Taliban linked social media.

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Afghanistan demands public apology from China after busting Chinese espionage module

Kabul: – Afghan Vice President Amarullah Saleh demanded ‘China has violated the international regulations by inserting spies and running terrorist centres in Afghanistan. Therefore, China that has rocked the Afghan belief should openly apologise to Afghanistan.’

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