China and other countries reeling under Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic

Wuhan virus deaths reach 106, more than 4,500 infected in China

Beijing: The Wuhan virus epidemic, which has spread across the world, has already claimed 106 lives, but at the same time, 976 people are in critical condition. Moreover, it has been reported that 4577 people are infected with the virus. Senior Chinese officials have warned that the Wuhan virus, which is fatal in its preliminary phases, is spreading more aggressively than the SARS virus. The officials have stated that 1,000 patients infected with the virus are to be found in the Wuhan city alone.

After finding the maximum number of infections in the Wuhan city, action is being taken on a war footing to build a medical facility dedicated for this cause in the city. Zhou Xianwang, the Mayor of Wuhan, has informed that patients infected by the Wuhan virus will be treated in the new facility. The officials have clarified that this is being done in view of the high communicability of the virus. Currently, the highest number of patients is found in the Hubei province in China.

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Fuel rates slide along with the stock markets under fears of the Wuhan virus epidemic, gold rates predicted to cross USD 1,600 per ounce

London/Washington/Beijing: The global economy is being hit because of the outbreak of the Wuhan virus, which is spreading rapidly in China and the other countries. The investor concerns are increasing with the increasing number of patients infected with Wuhan virus in China, and in effect, the US, European and Asian markets have crashed. Following the stock markets, the oil rates have also tumbled and as per sources, the rates have come below USD 60 per barrel. At the same time, rates of gold, known as the safest investment, have started increasing. As per forecasts, the gold rates will cross USD 1,600 per ounce.

Reports of the Wuhan virus infection were received from China at the beginning of January. The Chinese agencies had initially claimed that the epidemic was restricted only to one city. But now, when the epidemic has completed nearly a month, reports say that the epidemic is spreading fast and the Chinese agencies have not been able to trace the origin. At the same time, as all the Chinese efforts to contain the epidemic have failed, there is an atmosphere of concern and fear around the world.

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17 countries, including China, in the grasp of the Wuhan virus, UAE the new inclusion

Beijing/Wuhan: – Australian researchers have claimed to have succeeded in independently developing the virus responsible for the Wuhan virus epidemic. Information concerning this will be given to the United Nations and it has been indicated that the vaccine for Wuhan virus can be developed in the next two months. The virus epidemic, which started in the city of Wuhan in China at the end of last year, has spread to 17 countries. Even United Arab Emirates in the Gulf has reported a patient infected with the Wuhan virus.

In the last few days, it is apparent that the noose of the Wuhan virus epidemic is rapidly tightening around the world. The number of people dying because of the outbreak reached 132 on Wednesday, and the number of infected patients has crossed 6,000. Since every country is finding a new patient every day, there are indications that a Global Health Emergency will soon be declared. Before this, Global Health Emergency had been declared during the Ebola virus epidemic in Africa.

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China decides to deploy the military to contain the Wuhan Virus epidemic

Beijing/Wuhan: China has decided to seek assistance from the military to contain the Wuhan virus epidemic which has spread to all the Chinese provinces. Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered this deployment, and the deployment has already started in Wuhan and many other provinces. Meanwhile, Russia has closed its border with China to contain the Wuhan virus epidemic.

As per the received information, there are more than 7,700 patients infected with the Wuhan virus in China till Thursday. Hundred and seventy people have died because of the Wuhan virus infection. At the same time, the patients infected with the virus have been found in India and the Philippines, and some suspected patients are also being examined in the African countries.

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First Wuhan virus patient found in Kerala

New Delhi: – The Wuhan virus, which has been playing havoc in China, has come to India. The Union Health ministry has informed that a student from Kerala, who is studying at the Wuhan University, has returned to India after getting infected by the Wuhan virus. The health department also has been placed on high alert.

Wuhan virus has created a panic situation around the world. Patients infected with the virus have been found in many Chinese cities and the numbers are increasing consistently. To stop the spread of this virus that has claimed 170 lives so far, China has imposed a lockdown on 17 cities. But the virus is being carried by the people returning from China to their homeland. Till date, 18 countries have reported patients with Wuhan virus infection.

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After the Philippines, second Wuhan Coronavirus death reported in Hongkong – 427 deaths reported worldwide

Hongkong: – The spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic is slowly increasing, and the countries in the grip of the outbreak have now reached 26. At the same time, a second death due to the virus outside China has been reported, and one patient died in Hongkong on Tuesday. As per received information, this patient had come to Hongkong from Wuhan City. A few days ago, a person who had travelled from Wuhan to the Philippines had died.

The Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic has spread in 25 countries in the Asian and the European continent. Patients have been found in Malaysia, in southeast Asia and Belgium in Europe on Monday. The number of patients in countries other than China has crossed 200 and the highest number of patients are in Japan, Thailand and Singapore. The Philippines has kept more than 100 patients under observation.

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International community upset with China for improper handling of Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic

Taipei/Beijing: While the outbreak of Wuhan Coronavirus is spreading at a mindboggling rate, a wave of disappointment has spread over the international community against China. The international experts and leading medical groups were upset about the handling of the epidemic by China since the last few weeks. Now, Taiwan, the Chinese neighbour, has raised its voice against China and Indonesia has expressed fears of a major hit for the economy.

The Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic has started to spread at a rapid speed in various countries of the world. The virus has been found in 25 countries of the world, and the number of patients has crossed 28,000. It is being criticised that China is not revealing the correct information of the patients in the country. At the same time, Taiwan has accused China of not providing accurate information to the World Health Organisation.

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