Is China masterminding conflicts against contemporaries?

China warns of retaliation after President Trump orders tech theft inquiry against it


Bejing/Washington: US President Donald Trump has ordered an inquiry into irregularities in the trade practices of China. After taking charge, this could be considered as the biggest decision by President Trump against China. China has responded strongly and has warned that it would not stay idle. Chinese Commerce ministry has warned that both sides would lose out if Trump begins a trade war. On Monday, Trump signed a memo ordering an inquiry into China trade practices. Trump said, “while US provides a market place for companies, it firmly stands against any country violating intellectual property practices.

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US and North Korea should prevent ‘August Crisis’ warns Chinese Foreign Minister


Beijing/Moscow: China has given indications that the Third World War may explode due to tensions in the Korean region. Wang Yi, the Chinese  Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that the US and North Korea should put a brake on their words and actions and make efforts to reduce tensions in the Korean region. Only then the ‘August Crisis’ could be avoided. A century back the First World War had been triggered due to conflict amongst the European nations. This conflict is referred to as the ‘July Crisis’. Using this as a reference, the Chinese Foreign Minister warned that the conflict in the Korean region may become a reason for a World War.

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North Korea will have to face terrible attacks if any threat is caused to the US

Washington/Seoul: The US President Donald Trump in a stern reply to North Korea said that the dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-un has gone beyond his limits in threatening the US. It would be in the interest of North Korea henceforth not to threaten the US. Or else North Korea will have to face gruesome attacks which the World has not experienced so far. North Korea’s  reaction to this warning of Trump has been that it will destroy the US’s military base ‘Guam’ in the Asia Pacific Ocean by its missiles.


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China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ project is a danger to the world economy, warn economists.


Beijing: Economists have warned that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitious ‘One Belt, One Road’ Project is posing a danger to the global financial system. Government banks of China are trying to raise funds to be issued as loans to the deprived and potentially dangerous countries. Economist Xu Chenggang and Bjorn Conrad have raised their concern that if these countries fail to repay the loans, it would greatly impact China’s banking sector and the effect would be seen on the global economy as well.


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China’s conspiracy behind the massive floods in India accuses strategic analysts


New Delhi: More than 150 people have died and more than 10 million have been displaced by the massive floods in the states of Assam, Bihar, West Bengal and Uttarakhand. Had China provided timely information to India regarding the rivers originating from Tibet, India would have been able to avoid a lot of damage. However, China refusing to co-operate is seen by many experts as its revenge of ‘Doklam’. Though External Affairs Ministry of India has avoided to directly alleged China, it has expressed disbelief over China not sharing the crucial hydrological data of Satluj and Brahmaputra rivers.

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