China getting aggressive

China warns over the Taiwanese delegation‘s visit to India

China-warns-over-the-Taiwanese-delegationChina aggressive

Beijing : China has registered protest over a 3 member parliamentary delegation from Taiwan which has visited India. Taiwan is a part of China and India must  not challenge the ‘One-China’ policy, said the Foreign Ministry of China. Chinese Government newspaper ‘Global Times’ has censured  India and said she is playing with fire. India, however, denied these accusations and made it clear that there is nothing unusual in the visit of this delegation from Taiwan.

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China to setup maritime observatory in disputed region of ‘South China Sea’

China-to-setup-maritime-observatory-China aggressive

Beijing : Even as the construction of artificial islands by China in the ‘South China Sea’ is proving to be a matter of dispute, China has started preparations to build an observatory in this oceanic territory. The concerned authorities claim that the observatory is for the study of this region, which is enriched with mineral resources. Meanwhile, China’s news agency has published a news report that China has invited 66 scientists from around 13 nations for the research in this observatory and mining has commenced in the concerned areas.

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Severe backlash in China against South Korea for deploying THAAD

Severe protests are coming forth from China against South Korea who has accepted to deploy US’s anti-ballistic missile system THAAD. The industrial sectors, along with the local governance in China have declared an industrial war against South Korea. Instances of cyber attacks  on South Korean companies have also come to light. 

china-korea-protest-China aggressive

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China’s undeclared ban over South Korean businesses

korea phone China aggressive

Chinese government’s mouthpiece has appealed for a ban on South Korean companies for its support over the Thaad deployment. China is always seen advising other countries to keep politics and trade separate from each other. Nevertheless, when it came to its own relations with South Korea, China has done the exact opposite.

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US plans military action against North Korea nuclear program

kim-jong-un-China aggressive

Washington : The ‘White House’ indicated of employing the option of direct military action to retaliate the threat of North Korea’s nuclear weapons. The news about this idea being expressed by the US President Donald Trump’s Deputy National Security Advisor ‘Kathleen T. McFarland’ was published by a famous newspaper in the US. So far this has been the biggest change in the stance adopted by the US regarding North Korea, claimed the said newspaper.

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