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China's deceit, Galwan murders & India's jaw-breaking response

International community supports India against cowardly Chinese attack

Coward-ChinaNew Delhi/Washington: US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, retorted that China is a ‘Rascal country’ trying to grab Indian territory. Russia, Japan, Germany, France and Australia also expressed grief over the killing of Indian soldiers and clarified their stand.

20 Indian soldiers were martyred in a cowardly attack, in the act of betrayal, by the Chinese soldiers, on Monday night. Many Chinese soldiers also were killed in the retaliation, by the Indian soldiers. 

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Government prepares to restrain imports of Chinese products

Ban-ChinaNew Delhi: There is an anger against China, in the Indian population and appeals for a boycott on Chinese products are viral on social media. China also has realised that this anger in the Indian population will badly hit China and it may lose this huge Indian market. Even the Indian government is initiating steps to restrain import of non-essential Chinese products. The government is contemplating imposition of additional import duty on nearly 300 products. Most of these items are products imported from China. It is also reported that it will be mandatory for the E-Commerce companies to clearly show on their website, whether the product is made in India or otherwise.

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India warns China via an all-party meeting

ParliamentNew Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi confidently affirmed that neither has any other country been able to intrude the Indian territory nor has any post taken by them. Moreover, the PM clarified his stance on this arrangement by saying that the Army is now monitoring even those areas, which were not attended at the India-China border earlier. They are also actively countering and stopping the intruders at the border itself.

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India can be coerced from China alongside Nepal and Pakistan, threatens Chinese Communist mouthpiece

Global-Times-ChinaBeijing: China, who claims to possess supreme military strength than that of India, is now speaking of putting pressure on India via the Pakistan and Nepal borders. The Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times further claims that if India escalates border tensions, it could face military pressure from three borders, which include Chinese allies, Nepal and Pakistan, and this is far beyond the military capability of India. Moreover, the mouthpiece also said that India is taking actions against China due to the incitement by the United States.

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Indian military movements make China restless

New Delhi: Even after two days of the cowardly attack in the Galwan Valley, China is not willing to declare the number of soldiers it lost in the encounter. China says that it is not reporting the count to avoid a flareup of public sentiment. But it is being revealed that China is not willing to face the embarrassment of accepting that it lost more soldiers than India in the Indian retaliation. Twenty soldiers, including Colonel Santosh Babu, were martyred in the cowardly Chinese attack, by the Chinese soldiers, at the Galwan Valley. India was transparent in disclosing information regarding the incident. But the hide and seek by China regarding facts only shows the mindset of that country.

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Indian PM warns China

pm-warns-chinaNew Delhi: – Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to the 20 soldiers including Colonel Suresh Babu, who were martyred saying ‘The country will never forget the brave sons, who were martyred in the Galwan Valley while defending mother India. Their sacrifice will not go in vain.’ As per analysts this condolence message by the Prime Minister is nothing but a stern warning for China.

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Government Telecom companies ban Chinese equipment, major jolt to companies like Huawei and ZTE

Indian-telecom-companyNew Delhi: The government is preparing to deliver a telling blow to China on the economic front, following the cowardly Chinese attack in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. This begins with the decision taken by the government telecom companies BSNL and MTNL. Henceforth, these companies will not be purchasing any Chinese equipment. There are reports that the tendering process is being amended to ensure that the Chinese companies cannot get the orders. This will be a major hit for companies like Huawei and ZTE.

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20 Indian soldiers, along with a Colonel, killed in Chinese attack; 43 Chinese soldiers killed in the encounter

china-india-attackNew Delhi: China, who backstabbed India in 1962, once again betrayed India launching an attack in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred. On Monday night, the Chinese soldiers feigning withdrawal from the Galwan Valley launched an attack with iron rods, sticks and stones. Colonel Santosh Babu, Havildar Palani and Constable Kundan died on the spot and 17 other soldiers, grievously hurt in the attack succumbed to their injuries. Soldiers from both the countries were withdrawing from the Galwan valley in accordance to the talks between the senior military officials from both the countries. But the Chinese soldiers launched a surprise attack on the Indian soldiers.

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Nepal to set up 100 new outposts at the Indian border

India-nepal-borderNew Delhi: Nepal is building 100 new posts at the Indian border. Amid the tensions due to the controversial map, Nepal has decided to increase the posts at the boundary alongside the Indian border. Even though Nepal has claimed that these checkpoints are getting built to counter the crimes at the border, it has set up the posts near Lipulekh pass, Kalapani territory and Limpiyadhura pass. Moreover, these are the Indian regions that Nepal has shown as their own in the controversial new map. It has emerged that Nepal is undertaking such aggressive movements as per the indication of China. 

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