China bullying the entire Indo-Pacific region

US Senate clears Hong Kong human rights bill that allows imposing sanctions on Chinese officials

Washington/Beijing: The US Senate passed a bill proposing the imposition of sanctions against the Chinese officials responsible for acting against the pro-democracy demonstrators in Hong Kong. The proposal to ban export and sale of weapons used in action against Hong Kong protestors was also cleared along with the bill. However, China was furious on the US action, and sources said the US diplomats in China were said to have been summoned and reprimanded, on Wednesday.

The United States has supported the Hong Kong protests from the very beginning. Furthermore, the photographs of meetings between the youth leaders of the Hong Kong protests, protestors and the US officials also had been published.

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Clashes between the students and security agencies in Hong Kong University

Hong Kong: Severe clashes have been reported between the student protesters and the security agencies at the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong. It is said that the entire protest is controlled from this campus located in the Kowloon area. The police have cordoned this campus, and more than 100 student protesters have been trapped inside the university. Against this very background, China has made its stance more aggressive, and the Chinese Ambassador in the United Kingdom warned that the ruling government has the potential to quell the discontent in Hong Kong.

A few days ago, the death of a student had been reported in the Hong Kong protests that have aggravated the groups of students and youngsters.

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China will swallow the smaller countries in the South Pacific like a python, former US intelligence officer

Washington/Canberra: Captain Jim Fannell, a former US intelligence official, issued a severe warning, ‘The ruling communist government in China is adopting the Soft Invasion Policy, using its financial might. On the strength of this policy, China will swallow the smaller countries in the South Pacific.’ Captain Fannell issued this warning during a program on an Australian news channel. Only a few months ago, the US Ambassador to Australia had accused that China was trying to trap the countries from the Pacific region under an unsecured debt burden.

Captain Fannell drew attention to the Chinese expansionist policy during the program ‘60 Minutes Investigation’, broadcasted on an Australian news channel.

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Effects of a US-China conflict will be worse than the world wars, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

New York: Former US Secretary of State and veteran statesman Henry Kissinger issued a warning that stated, ‘The effects of the US-China conflict will be worse than the world wars, which destroyed the European culture. Therefore, both countries should make sincere efforts to sort out their differences. If they do not do so, the conflict will become inevitable.’ Furthermore, Kissinger stated that both the United States, as well as China, cannot dominate each other.

‘We are passing through difficult times. The United States and China will certainly be aware that the future of the world is dependent on their decisions,’ Kissinger said.

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Japan and South Korea should provide additional funds for US military deployment, demands President Donald Trump

Washington/Tokyo/Seoul: The US President Donald Trump demanded that Japan and South Korea should provide additional funds for the US military, deployed in these countries to counter the threats from China and North Korea. There are nearly 54,000 US military personnel in Japan and the number in South Korea is more than 23,000. The United States had deployed its military in these countries against the background of the second world war and the Korea War after that.

The United States deployed its military in Japan and South Korea given the Korea war, which flared up soon after the second world war. In the agreement signed at that time, the United States asserted that Japanese security was entirely its responsibility.

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China can manoeuvre a blackout in Philippines, alleges Philippines government

Manila/Beijing: Philippines government levelled a serious allegation against China by stating that ‘Currently the electric supply systems in the Philippines are entirely under Chinese control. The Chinese government can stop the electric supply in the Philippines at any time.’ Philippines government agency released a report demanding an inquiry into the systems for electric supply in the country and the contracts awarded for the purpose. The tension between China and the Philippines seems to be festering further with these allegations by the Philippines government.

The electricity distribution in the Philippines is being handled by a private enterprise ‘National Grid Corporation of the Philippines’ since 2009.

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Taiwan’s announcement of independence will bring profound disaster, China warns Taiwan

Taipei: China, perturbed by the increasing popularity of the Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen and the elections scheduled to be held in Taiwan in January, has threatened Taiwan. The Chinese government threatened that the announcement of independence by Taiwan would lead Taiwan into a disaster, whereas, the United States has accused China of preparing to interfere in the Taiwanese elections.

Presidential elections will be held in Taiwan on January 11. President Tsai has announced independent Taiwan, and it is said that popularity of her Democratic Progressive Party is on the rise.

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China warns Canada over Hong Kong issue

Ottawa/Beijing: “Canada should not follow the footsteps of the United States to support the protest in Hong Kong. If the Canadian government tries to have this kind of law like that in the United States, it’s very dangerous. If anything happens like this, it will certainly have very bad damage on our bilateral relationship, and that is not in the interests of Canada,” The new Chinese Ambassador to Canada, Cong Peiwu threatened.

A few days ago, the US Congress passed the law ‘Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act’. The act provides provision to Hong Kong protesters to act against Chinese officials responsible for human rights violations.

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China stealing strategic secrets from US, via researchers & entrepreneurs, allege US Congress & FBI

Washington/Beijing: The US Congress and the investigative agencies, have claimed that China was stealing highly sensitive strategic information via thousands of researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs. The US Congressional Committee warned that such Chinese activities were going on for more than a decade and the sole ambition behind them was to replace the United States as the world’s superpower.

US President Donald Trump has consistently accused China of looting the United States. It was, therefore, that President Trump cited China’s loot and declared an open trade war against the state.

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US-China trade war could culminate into war, warns senior US statesman Henry Kissinger

Beijing: “If a conflict is permitted to run unconstrained, the outcome could be even worse than it was in Europe. World War I broke out because of a relatively minor crisis … and today the weapons are more powerful,” warned former US Secretary of State and senior Statesman Henry Kissinger.

While addressing the symposium ‘Bloomberg New Economy Forum’, organised in Beijing, Kissinger said the entire world, including the United States, is still in the foothills of the cold war.

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The US to supply Patrol Ships to Vietnam

Hanoi: The United States has taken one more decision intending to strengthen the Vietnamese navy. US Secretary for Defence, Mark Esper, announced that the United States would soon be supplying a patrol ship to Vietnam for its maritime security. This US-Vietnam cooperation becomes vital, given the rising tension with China, in the South China Sea.

Since the last few days, US Secretary for Defence, is on a visit to the south-east Asian countries, in view of the ASEAN conference. After a visit to Singapore, Esper proceeded to Vietnam.

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