China’s “Bo Xilai ” Scandal - The Special, the Astonishing & the Peculiar - Part 2

A severe reaction to Bo Xilai’s exit was made public by the traditional members and by the followers of Mao who were members of the ruling Communist Party of China. People began to criticize the treatment meted to Bo Xilai through various mediums of the Media. This became a huge cause of concern for the Communist Party which was united for over six decades.

The ruling party began to take steps to seek affirmation from Media, Military and other mechanisms that they were united and were with the ruling Communist Party and its thought processes. This pressurized the media that criticized them and thus, stopped the reactions on the Xilai scandal.

Bo Xilai

All of this things were attempts to ensure that no efforts are taken to back answer these criticism from the people who talked in favor of Bo Xilai. In spite of that the criticism kept pouring in hush tones. In the end, it was decided to take a firm legal action against Bo Xilai. In the month of July 2013, he was accused of bribery, misuse of political power and corruption. After this accusation, in the month of August 2013, the court hearing began. At that time, Xilai stated that he was wrongfully trapped in the corruption scandal and that he was forced to accept all the accusations under pressure. “The evidence to prove that I am guilty is insufficient. I felt that everything was happening in an official manner. However, I have been fooled” is what he said in the court of law.

The hearing went on for three full days after which Bo Xilai was declared guilty. At the same time, he was told that he could appeal to the higher authorities. It was because of the Bo Xilai scandal that the internal differences of opinion amongst the members of the ruling Communist Party came out in public.  It was clear around the same time that some members of the group felt that the country could be ruled under the guidance of the thoughts of founder Mao and his perspectives.

No court hearing conducted in China till then had gained this level of international visibility. The visibility of the Bo Xilai scandal prominently brought to the forefront a negative side of China. The image of China as a country making rapid progress on the strength of its economic power became questionable.

Bo Xilai
Courtesy: Indian Express

 Till then the citizens of China would accept the verdict given by the ruling Communist Party. It meant the political party had immense control over the population of China. Therefore, even if there was opposition to the verdict, it could easily be suppressed. However, during the Bo Xilai scandal and even later, this picture changed.

In fact, while the court hearing was going on, Bo Xilai’s supporters expressed their displeasure. And even after the court hearing was completed, Bo Xilai was made the chief of a new political party. This was a very important development.

Since the Communist Party has a monopoly in China, a new political party was a concept almost nonexistent in China. With this background, in order to support a person who was thrown out of a political party and then the same person to become a chief of a new political party was a sign of danger to come. The ruling political party would find it very difficult to suppress this new party since it was formed on the thoughts and principles of the founder of free China.

to be continued...

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