Chennai Floods - Dire need for disaster management training

Chennai experienced heavy rains through the month of November. This was followed by a heavy downpour on the first day of December that resulted in 500 mm of rainfall in the city in in a single day. The city was flooded as a result of this. More than 500 people died and over 1.8 million people were displaced. The damages are estimated to be more than 15,000 crores.

The rapid development without focus on the basic infrastructure like proper drainage facilities and lack of proper methods for solid waste management has resulted in water logging in the city.

Again it was observed that in such type of disasters the common man is the worst affected because of food shortage, lack of pure drinking water and lack of electricity. Emergency services in the region were overburdened due to this situation. This goes to show that outside help is never sufficient and that everyone must be prepared to face such situations themselves.  

Thus Disaster Management today is the need of the hour and should become a part of school curriculum. As disasters are becoming more frequent and their intensity keeps increasing, disaster preparedness and management must become a part of school curriculum.    

NDRF team carries rescue operations - Chennai Flood  Chennai Flood 02

 Chennai Flood 03 Chennai Flood 04


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