Chaos in the Middle East widens

Anti-government protests intensify in Iraq; government employees on strike, teachers, support by shutting schools

Baghdad: The protests called by the Iraqi people against the government of Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi began on Sunday. In the firing by the Iraqi security agencies, a protester was killed, and more than 30 people were rendered injured. Therefore, the protesters blocked the third famous bridge on the Tigris river and started advancing towards the Green Zone in Baghdad. The government offices and the schools supported the protests by calling a strike.

Protests have broken out in Iraq on the issues of increasing unemployment, lack of civic amenities, corruption and economic disparity, since October. The protesters have been demanding the dissolution of the Mahdi government in Iraq. The protesters have objected to the increasing Iranian interference in the Iraqi affairs. Three hundred twenty people have been killed so far in the protests, and there have been instances of security agencies resorting to firing on the protestors.

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36 protestors killed in action taken by the Iranian military; protests spread to 100 Iranian cities

Tehran/Washington: 36 anti-government protestors were killed in the actions taken by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Quds Forces and affiliated military organisations. Moreover, Iranian security agencies have detained one thousand protestors. The United States has alleged that Iran is using dangerous weapons against the protestors. Whereas, Iran has denounced the US support for these protests in strong words.

The people of Iran are protesting, on the third successive day, against the inordinate increase in the fuel prices by the Iranian government. As per the reports appearing in the government-controlled Iranian media, the protests were being restricted only to a few Iranian cities. But the Iranian opposition and leaders are accusing these media of hiding the discontent of the Iranian people. Whereas, as per the information given by the international media, quoting the opposition leaders in Iran, more than 87,000 people have taken to the streets, to protest, in a hundred cities.

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19 killed in a bomb blast in Syria, Turkey blames Kurds

Damascus: 19 people were killed, and 50 were injured in a powerful car bomb blast, in the Al-Bab city in northern Syria. The international human rights organisation informed that the bombing has occurred in the area dominated by Turkey. However, Turkey has blamed the Kurdish terrorist organisation, YPG for this blast.

As per the information by the Syrian agencies, the blast occurred at a crowded place in the city of AL-Bab on Saturday in the afternoon. The bomb was placed in a car standing near the bus and taxi station, increasing the casualties thereby. There were nine citizens among the 19 people killed, and the rest were rebels of the Turkey affiliated Syrian National Army (SNA). Syrian Human Rights Organization claimed that the many among the casualties are seriously wounded. Turkey alleged that the attack was carried out to target the SNA rebels.

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12 killed in violent demonstrations against fuel price rise in Iran

Washington: 12 protestors were killed in the conflict sparked between the Iranian people and government over the massive hike in the fuel prices. The demonstrations began against the Iranian government have spread like wildfire to more than 37 cities in Iran wherein the people protesting against the fuel price hike have also resorted to arson. But the Iranian supremo Ayatollah Khamenei justified the fuel price hike and accused the adversary nations of instigating the people to protest.

Two days ago, the Iranian government announced a fuel price hike. According to the announcement, the cost of first 60 litres of petrol was increased by 50% whereas, if more than 60 litres of petrol is purchased, the customer will have to pay 300% more cost. Owing to this decision, the fuel rates in Iran flared up overnight. Iran clarified that this fuel price hike was a result of the stiff sanctions imposed by the United States.

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Israel launches fresh attacks on Gaza

Gaza: After a two-day ceasefire, Israel has once again initiated airstrikes on Gaza. But the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) informed that the target of the current attacks was Hamas and not Islamic Jihad. Rocket attacks were carried out on Israel from the Gaza Strip. IDF said that Hamas launched these attacks and therefore Hamas locations in Gaza were being targeted. Thus, the ceasefire imposed with mediation from Egypt seems to have been scrapped.

Israel killed a commander of the Islamic Jihad in an attack carried out of Tuesday. Thereafter, Islamic Jihad launched rocket attacks into Israel. Islamic Jihad is known as the second-largest armed organisation in the Gaza Strip, after Hamas. This organisation has support from Iran and it is said that it operates under instructions from Iran. Islamic Jihad launched nearly 450 rockets into Israel. The Israeli air defence systems neutralised the majority of these rockets. Some of the rockets landed in the Israeli cities.

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US will involve itself in the Libyan conflict if Russia interferes, warns US Department of State  

Washington: – US Department of State warned ‘Russia is taking undue advantage of the conflict between the government and rebels in Libya. Russia should keep out of the conflict. Otherwise, the United States will have to get involved in the conflict, in support of the Libyan government.’ Libya is an oil-rich country and the soldiers of US special forces are already deployed in Libya. The US state department’s warning becomes significant against this background.  

The then-President Barack Obama had declared support to the Libyan government that took over power after overthrowing the Muammar Gaddafi regime. Whereas, US President Donald Trump had taken a neutral stand in the Libyan conflict, so far. But it is claimed that the United States clarified its stand for the first time, warning Russia to keep out of the conflict. The US Department of State gave its reaction regarding the Libyan conflict, on Friday.

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Turkey begins deporting ISIS terrorists back to their homelands; the US, UK and Germany tighten security

Ankara/London/Washington: Turkey had threatened to send terrorists in their custody to the Western countries. Although Turkey has brought the threat to reality and has deported nine IS terrorists to the US, UK and Germany. Furthermore, it has said that terrorists belonging to other European countries will soon be sent back to their homelands respectively. After that, the European countries have boosted security along their borders. Reportedly, the UK has arrested a major ISIS figure instantly as soon as he arrived at the airport.

Stating that Turkey was not a hotel for ISIS militants, Turkish President Erdogan threatened to deport thousands of captive terrorists to Europe. Even so, the European nations had ignored his threat. However, Turkey now has started with the process of deportation. According to the information provided by the Turkish Interior Ministry, nine terrorists were sent two days ago, which included an American and British national each along with seven other terrorists belonging to Germany.

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32 terrorists killed in the military action in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso: Two successive steps taken by the Burkina Faso military has resulted in the killing of 32 terrorists. The military has informed that these actions were carried out in the Bam and Loram provinces. Many women who were held hostage for sexual exploitation were rescued during the operation.

Since the last one year, the incidents of terror attacks have increased substantially in the African region, known as the Sahel region. These include Chad, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso. These attacks are carried out by terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda and IS while the local security agencies are not able to control the attacks.

Military bases are being targeted in Burkina Faso and more than ten bases have been attacked in the last one year. More than 50 soldiers have been killed in these attacks. Burkina Faso is consistently assuring increased military deployment but the spate of terror attacks continues.

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ISIS attacks in Europe more likely due to Turkey’s Syria invasion, warns Kurdish officer 

London: Syrian Kurdish official General Mazlum Kobane has issued a severe warning that states, ‘The attacks Turkey launched in Syria, and the apathy showed by the western countries in this regard, has increased the threat of ISIS attacks on these nations.’ At the same time, General Kobane also accused Turkey of actively assisting the ISIS terrorists. In an interview with a British news channel, General Kobane alerted the western countries on the matter.   

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is a Syrian rebel organisation, fighting against the ISIS terrorists. The Syrian Kurds predominantly lead the Forces, and General Mazlum Kobane is a senior SDF commander. General Kobane gave the interview to the British news channel a few days ago at an undisclosed location. At the time, General Kobane held the western countries responsible for the developments in Syria.  

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