The Changing Face of the United States and Europe

Visa-free travel of US citizens to Europe receives a setback in the European Parliament

US passport - Europe

Brussels : US President Donald Trump and his policies have been criticized by the Europeans, and they have yet once again managed to shock the US. Going forward, “Visa” will be compulsory for all US citizens, who are travelling in European countries. In the European Parliament session, the resolution of ‘cancelling the “Visa-free” facility of US citizens while travelling in Europe’ has been approved. Thus this cancellation resolution is considered to be an “Anti-Trump” policy undertaken by the European Union (EU).

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Netherlands will have to pay a price for hurting Turkish interests – threatens Turkish President Erdoğan

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Istanbul : Turkish President Erdoğan has threatened they will make Netherlands pay a heavy price for its decision of putting their relationship with Turkey at stake due to the upcoming elections The Netherland government had sent back the ministers in the Turkish Government by denying permission for rallies. The Turkish President has warned Netherlands blaming that it is abusive to send back the ministers this way. Also strong reactions have evoked for accusing Germany along with Netherlands.

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‘Marine Le Pen’ will take to Presidency of France indicates reigning President Hollande

marine le pen - Europe

Paris : Marine Le Pen has declared that on being elected as the President of France, she will have the ‘Euro’ deported. Though François Hollande the current President of France, has assured of doing everything in his power to refrain Marine. At the same time Hollande has also accepted that Marine holds a great chance of being elected in the coming elections by the majority. He further warns that if this happens, then it may prove lethal for France.

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US to take Russian support in the conflict against ‘IS’ in Syria

Washington : Post his decision to send marine and army troops in Syria against the ‘IS’ conflict, the US President Donald Trump is now preparing to take Russia’s help in this conflict. The ‘White House’ Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave this information. As per a news report, the US and the Russian army have been camping  in a  city in Syria for the purpose of anti-terrorists operation.

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Bio-terrorism could claim 3 crore lives, warns famous entrepreneur Bill Gates

bill gates Europe

Munich: The Syrian conflict, going on since the past six years, has claimed nearly four lakh lives and the situation in Syria has been a cause for concern all around the world. However, an even bigger crisis awaits the world, claimed Bill Gates, the founder of the world famous ‘Microsoft‘ corporation. Gates warned that terrorists could use biological weapons to claim the lives of 3 crore people in a single year. The world’s richest entrepreneur also claimed that terrorists could use the technology of genetic engineering for this purpose.

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 Iran’s senior army official in Russia despite UN ban


Washington/Tehran: The Iranian ‘Quds Force’ Major General ‘Qassem Soleimani’ made a visit to Russia despite a ban being imposed on him by the US and UN. Western intelligence agencies claim that General Soleimani’s visit to Russia was planned in view with the increasing military and economic ties between Saudi Arabia and Russia. Strong reactions are expected from the US over this Russia visit by Soleimani. 

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China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ plan receives several jolts from Europe

Brussels / Beijing : The ambitious ‘One belt One Road’ plan which the Chinese President Xi Jinping had announced four years ago, has started receiving jolts in Europe. The European Union (EU) has asked to review the railway project which is a part of the ‘One belt One Road’ plan. There has been a possibility of violating rules put forth by EU for the said project and so the commencement of the project has been delayed.


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Russia’s interference in US and other elections could be an ‘act of war’,warns NATO official


London/Brussels : ‘Russia’s interference in the US elections and the elections in European countries, along with the ‘Disinformation campaign’, being conducted on international level by Russia, could be an ‘act of war’. As per NATO’s Treaty, any of its member countries has the right to counter such attacks in self defense and all the member countries can participate in it’, warned a senior NATO official. Against the background of the furor created on the issue of Russia’s alleged interference in the US elections and the warnings issued by the agencies in France and Germany vis-a-vis elections, the statement by the NATO official has attracted worldwide attention..

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‘Spirit of America’ rallies in support of President Trump in US


Washington: The protests which were held before and after the US President Donald Trump’s oath taking ceremony, has drawn the attention of the entire world. The US citizens took to the streets to oppose some of the decisions taken by newly elected President Trump. However, the number of people supporting his decisions have also increased from the sections of press and social media at the same time. Also, thousands of people from over 60 states, recently participated in rallies across the US to display their firm support for their President.

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