Celebrations inside JNU after Dantewada Massacre of CRPF personnel

सीआरपीएफ़ के जवान शहीद होने पर ‘जेएनयू’ में जल्लोष

On 6th April 2010, Maoists carried out a cold-blooded attack in Dantewada district in the state of Chattisgarh, which resulted in the death of 76 CRPF personnel. Amidst angry reactions from across the country condemning this incident, there were reports that some students of JNU held celebrations inside the JNU campus. The students shouted slogans of ‘India Murdabad’ (Down with India) and ‘Maowad Zindabad’ (Long live Maoism) to celebrate this success of the Maoists. During these celebrations, a few students opposed, resulting in the situation turning tense within the JNU campus.

This incident goes to show that anti-national sentiments are nurtured within the JNU. There are students who idolize the Maoists and terrorists who defy the national security and are responsible for bloodshed of numerous innocent people. On the other hand, brave men who sacrifice their lives for their motherland are anti-heroes for them.

A few years back, some singers from Pakistan had performed in JNU. The Indian army was ridiculed during this program. Ex-students from JNU who had fought the Kargil war opposed this, which resulted in them being beaten up by the crowd. There were reports that atleast 2 jawans had to be hospitalised and had to be treated for a long time. This issue was discussed in the Parliament as well.