Bypass surgery was successful with the blessings of Aniruddha Bapu

- Yogeshsinh Kamble, Miraj Once a person hands over the reins of one’s life to Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu, he takes over. He looks after them during difficult times. All Bapu devotees can vouch for the fact that he not only gives advance intimation but also gets one to be in a state of preparedness, be it financial, emotional, physical or otherwise. One prepares for it even without knowing it. Help My father, Shri Madhukar Kamble, retired about two years ago. He was a diabetes and hypertension patient. On December 18, 2012, he suddenly struggled with his breathing. We took him to Dr Ravikant Patil at Mission hospital and got his ECO test done. Since that report came positive, we got another test, TMT, performed on him. That test was also positive. Doctors recommended we get his angiography done. We got his angiography done after two days. The report revealed that his right artery had a 100% block, and the left artery was blocked 70-80%. Senior Dr Shirish Pargoankar suggested that we get his bypass surgery done immediately. I got very worried. I could not think about what to do next. My family and I have immense faith in Bapu. I and my wife, Tejashree, have been going to Miraj Upasana Kendra for the last 11 years. We also participate in seva activities. We had complete faith that Bapu would help us during these difficult times. I took the reports and CD and consulted Parampujya Suchitdada in Mumbai. I showed the reports to Dada and informed him about my father’s latest condition. Dada suggested that we get the bypass surgery done. I again asked Dada, “Dada will the bypass surgery be alright?” Dada said that everything would be alright. He asked us to chant Hanuman Chalisa thrice and Aniruddha Chalisa once, regularly, every day. At once, I called home and informed them that Dada had asked us to get the bypass surgery done immediately. At that time, since I was in Mumbai and my brother was out of station, volunteers from Miraj Kendra took my father to admit him to the Mission Hospital in Miraj. The next day, Dr Shirish Pargaonkar gave us complete information and a status update on my father’s health. He informed us that the tablets that my father took every day included one that made the blood thinner. One should stop taking the medicine for about eight days before the bypass surgery. Now, time was of the essence, and since we had an urgency to get him operated on, the doctor informed us that we needed to take the risk. The bypass surgery was decided to be performed on October 22, 2012. Doctor asked us to keep about 12 bottles of blood ready. Once I informed the volunteers, in no time, we could arrange donors for the blood. Therefore, we had no problem arranging those many bottles of blood. My father was admitted the same day. Since it was a major bypass surgery, there was some nervousness in my mind, but then I remembered Suchitdada’s words, “Everything would be alright.” All my tension withered away on recollecting those words. My father was taken into the Operation Theatre at 8 am. As per the hospital guidelines, the doctor and all of us prayed together. Once the prayer was done, I handed over Bapu’s picture to the doctor and informed him that Bapu was my Sadguru. I also requested him to keep this picture under my father’s head. He agreed to my request and allowed my father to take the picture inside the Operation Theatre. I felt highly relieved, thinking that Bapu would be there with my father through his bypass surgery. During the bypass surgery, I, along with my wife and other Shraddhavans from Miraj Upasana Kendra, were chanting Bapu’s name. As instructed by Dada, we also chanted Hanuman Chalisa and Aniruddha Chalisa. The bypass surgery went on for almost 11 hours. The doctor told us that the bypass surgery was successful. We all were extremely relieved. We thanked Bapu. We managed to come out of this situation unscathed because of Bapu and his blessings. Since the next 48 hours were critical, the doctor kept him under strict observation. My father gained his consciousness after the first 12 hours. After 48 hours, he returned to normal and started talking. The duress we carried was slowly alleviating. However, the next day, we noticed that my father was worried. What could be his worry, we all wondered! My father did not sleep the whole night. He was quite troubled. He felt as if he was being transported in the sky. He also began to feel as if several vultures were chasing him. On hearing this, I began to invoke Bapu. How would Bapu sit quietly when a shraddhavan  calls out to him? He came running to help us. The next day, a person had come from Phaltan. He told us that Shirish Pargaonkar, the doctor had told him that he should go to the hospital and meet Mr Madhukar Kamble and provide him with solace and encouragement. Therefore, he had come to us. Most importantly, he had Bapu’s locket in his neck chain. He provided much encouragement to my father in the ICU itself. He said, “Uncle, don’t be afraid. Everything would be alright. I had my bypass about ten years ago. Didn’t I climb two floors to meet you? Please do not be worried. Bapu is there by your side. Everything would be alright.” He provided much-needed encouragement to me and my family and he returned to Phaltan. After that, my father’s health became better with every passing day. He got discharged from the hospital on the 8th day. Nowadays, my parents write Ramnaam notebooks and chant his name. They are assured that Sadguru Bapu brought them out of such a difficult situation. Bapu pulled us out of this intensely scary experience. He not only pulled us out but he had also got us prepared for this situation. Let’s see that now. Before this incident occurred, about 2-3 months ahead, on July 22, 2012, while I was reading Shreemadpurushartha Granthraj, a thought came to my mind. I felt that I ought to ask my parents to perform Paduka Poojan. Once I acted on that thought, the same day we made my parents perform Chinmay Paduka Poojan. The next day, my father went to my elder brother’s home in Pune and, for some strange reason, asked him to buy a mediclaim health policy. He immediately bought his mediclaim policy. We strongly believe that Bapu inspired and encouraged my father to do all of these things so that he could get the much-needed protection during this time of crisis. Of course, all of this was happening with his blessings. As a result, the bypass surgery was successful. Moreover, since there was a mediclaim policy, the insurance company reimbursed the entire bypass surgery expense. We did not have to incur such heavy costs. In this manner, Bapu ensured that we were prepared to face this crisis in our lives. I bow a thousand times to Bapu’s lotus feet!