To all Bharatwarsha, a humble appeal

Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi's (Aniruddha Bapu) appeal from today's Dainik Pratyaksha


I have no interest whatsoever in any political party or even in any political activity in the country i.e India. Not at all!

From politicians I do not want to take anything and as for giving, I have nothing to give them either.

However, I have an ardent and enormous interest in the wellbeing and an equally profound concern for the woes of my beloved motherland and that is how it is always going to be.

Globally speaking, the atmosphere at the moment comes forth as a queer delusion and seems to play bizarre games.

Moreover, be it at the level of the Grampanchayat, be it the state or the national level or even the international level, politics as such always keeps doing twists and taking turns and crooked bends.

However, the crafty design and ploys that the global politics employs today, are undeniably destructive, divisive and very much capable of complete devastation of human values and that is for sure.     

So then on the background of the global scene that is in turmoil, in fact turbulent and topsyturvy, it is extremely essential that Bharat (India) take its every step falling back only on certain enduring & imperishable values.

How America (the United States) came into being, its history and how it operates have all always been a dark mystery. Of course no man can totally shed self-serving purposes! Yet the fact remains that the ruling powers of the United States have always resorted to peculiar, astounding and many a times extremely ruthless means to serve the selfish interests of their country.   

Russia is an old and prudent friend of Bharat (India)  but India is very clearly drifting away from Russia.

Given that for the sake of economic and foreign policies, improving and nurturing ties with the United States counts as mandatory, the fact that it has been Russia that has provided us with different types of technology including nuclear technology must not be disregarded. Also, with its mindset so taken up with privatization, an unreasonably indulgent attitude favouring the United States thereby upsetting Russia, could prove very dangerous for India.   

International politics requires that thought, word and deed be in harmony.

Should India let go of Russia, it must not discount the possibility of the United States leaving India in the lurch some day. India ought not to keep riding the high horse that it is becoming an economic and political super power.

Neither has befriending Russia turned a nation into a communist one nor has the friendship with the United States turned a nation into a democracy.

We remain what we are! It is just that the feet have to be on the ground to know it.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi