The bettering of equations between India and the United States

US awards ‘STA-1 Status’ to India, allows access to advanced and sensitive technology

STA-1-StatusNew Delhi/Washington: The United States had so far awarded the Strategic Trade Authorisation Status -1 (STA-1) only to the NATO members and to other closest allies. But now India has also been awarded the same status. India is the third Asian country to be awarded the STA-1 status. This will open the gateway for the United States to supply super advanced and sensitive technologies to India. India has welcomed this decision of the United States and has expressed confidence that this will further strengthen the bilateral cooperation.

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Indo-Pacific Business Forum held in US to counter increasing Chinese economic domination

Indo-Pacific-Business-ForumWashington: The United States has initiated rapid movements to counter the use of financial strength by China to dominate the Indo-Pacific countries. This issue was highlighted in the Indo-Pacific Business Forum, organised in the United States. The United States is designing a comprehensive policy keeping the needs of the countries in that region, in terms of energy as well as other sectors in view. There is a strong possibility that the policy will be announced in this conference. 

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Three members of ‘Lashkar’ included in the United States list of global terrorists

LashkarWashington: Three terrorists from Lashkar-e-Taiba, responsible for terrorist activities in India have been included in the international terrorists’ list by the United States. Out of these, Abdul Rahman Al Dakhil was in the United States prison for 10 years and was handed over to Pakistan in 2014. But Pakistan released him within 2 years and Dakhil became the commander of Lashkar in Jammu-Kashmir. Now that the United States has included Al Dakhil in the list of international terrorists, the pressure on Pakistan will increase further.

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India takes an important step towards ‘Ballistic Missile Defence Shield’ (BMD), test fires indigenous Supersonic ‘Interceptor’ successfully

Balasore: While the neighbouring countries such as  Pakistan and China have accelerated their missile programs, India has also been preparing to secure its airspace. The supersonic ‘Interceptor’ missile ‘Advanced Air Defence’ (AAD), developed by the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) was successfully tested on Thursday. The capability of the AAD to hit more than one targets was tested during this test. This test is the first step towards development of the indigenous Ballistic Missile Defence Shield (BMD).


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