Beginning of the Third World War!

Syria – Beginning of the Third World War!

Damascus : It has been seven years since conflict arose in Syria. In these seven years, the civil war has claimed more than 500,000 lives. The number of people rendered homeless has crossed 10 million. If the war genuinely was between the Syrian government and the rebels its effects would not have been so horrible. Powerful countries such as Russia and Iran have come forward to support President Assad and their armies are fighting for Assad in Syria. At the same time the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have stood up for the rebels. The United States, Britain, France and Turkey had taken initiative to attack the terrorist organisation ISIS, wreaking havoc in Syria.


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Russia will destroy the whole world if hit with a nuclear attack, Russian President Vladimir Putin


Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin used vitriolic words by saying, ‘What is the use of a world, where there is no Russia? Therefore, if Russia is attacked with nuclear weapons, we will destroy the whole world’ and reminded the world of the catastrophic effects of a nuclear war. President Putin had warned that, no country in this world was out of range of their missiles, previously as well. President Putin has once again attracted the world’s attention by threatening to destroy the entire world. 

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US capable of countering any threat: US Strategic Command


Washington: ‘US is capable of tackling any kind of missiles possessed by Russia. No one should have a doubt about this’, was the stern warning given by the Commander of the ‘Strategic Command’, General John Hyten. Also, US is capable of handling any kind of danger and the US submarines at undisclosed locations will not keep a trace of existence of that country, said General Hyten. President Putin has threatened the US of missile and nuclear attacks twice in one week. 

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Russian aggression will be strongly replied to, warns UK Defence Secretary


London: Gavin Williamson, the British Defence Secretary, warned that Russia is taking an aggressive stance against the UK, the US and its allies and that Britain will be giving a fitting reply. The British parliamentarians have alleged that Russia has started a new cold war and Britain has not taken a strong position against that. The warning by the British Defence Secretary becomes important against this background. The incident of a Russian spy being found in an unconscious state under suspicious circumstances, can be a cause of increased tensions between the UK and Russia.

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Confrontation with Iran will cost Israel and the US dearly, warns a senior Iranian Commander


Jerusalem/ Tehran : The nuclear treaty signed by the western powers with Iran is under threat and the United States has threatened to withdraw from the treaty. Discussions were on between France and Iran against this backdrop. A Kuwaiti daily had claimed that in case these talks fail, the United States and Israel will jointly attack the Iranian bases. There are reports that the United States and Israel have already started preparations for these attacks. 

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Russia to use ‘nuclear reactors’ for Missiles and ‘Underwater Drones, claims success in testing


Moscow : As per sources at high places, Russia has created and tested miniature nuclear  reactors for use in missiles and ‘Underwater Drones’. Russian news agency ‘TASS’ has published a news report concerning this. Russian President Vladimir Putin had informed that Russia has made super advanced class nuclear capable ballistic missile, indestructible hypersonic missile and nuclear capable submarine, in the last week. ‘Russia has made small sized equipment to produce nuclear power for use in the unlimited range cruise missiles and drones working underwater and the testing of the equipment is also completed. 

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Russia will destroy NATO, if war sparks in Europe, report by the US think tank, RAND Corporation


Washington : In case of a war sparks off in Europe, it will not be possible for NATO to stop Russia. Russia will easily rout the NATO army and take control of the Baltic countries, claimed ‘Rand Corporation’, a US think tank. There was a major reduction in the NATO and Russian defence strengths after the Cold war. But Russia was able to rapidly increase its military strength, the think tank pointed out. Only last month, the ‘Munich Security Conference’ report had warned about a possibility of an accidental conflict between Europe and Russia.

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China’s ‘DN-3’ Anti-Satellite Missile tests are preparation for space war, claim US & allies


China had been trying to create an anti-satellite missile for the past seven decades. The Communist regime had not revealed any information about this. But, the US and its European allies are claiming that the recent missile tests conducted by China is nothing but preparation for the space war. In 2007, China had destroyed its own satellite, launching the ‘SC-19’ anti-satellite missile for the first time.

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China, Russia could use anti-satellite weaponry to destroy US satellites, warns US Defense Intelligence Agency


Washington: China and Russia have the capability to destroy the US satellites. Although these two countries are promoting peace within space as of now, the situation will be different in the times of war. Knowing that the US largely depends on its defence and private satellites, China and Russia could use anti-satellite missiles, energy weapons or lasers, cyber jamming and other satellites to destroy the US satellites, was the warning given by the US Defense Intelligence Agency director Lieutenant General Robert Ashley.

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NATO announces aggressive war exercises to counter Russian threat


Brussels: Different analysts had warned that ‘Zapad’ military exercises were a practice for a war against Europe. In view of this, NATO also has decided to conduct aggressive military exercises and these exercises will be conducted in Poland and Norway, countries adjacent to the Russian border. A hundred thousand soldiers will be participating in the ‘Anaconda 2018’ to be held in Poland while more than 45,000 soldiers will taking part in the ‘Trident Joining’ in Norway. 

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Russia creates sensation by testing ‘PL-19’ Nudol Anti-Satellite Missile

Russia created a sensation by testing the ‘PL-19’ Nudol anti-satellite missile in 2015. The Russian military officials had then announced that this ‘PL-19’ had the capacity to target satellites in deep space. Russia conducted the second test of the missile within the next one year.


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No country is safe from the Russian intercontinental missiles, warns Russian President

Moscow/Washington: Russian missiles have the longest range as compared to any missiles possessed by any other country and no country is safe from the them. Even the anti-missile systems of the enemy will not be useful against these Russian missiles, warned Russian President Vladimir Putin. This announcement was made by President Putin while addressing the Russian State of the Union speech about the test results. This has elicited reactions from the western countries and the US has accused Russia of violation of the Cold War treaties.


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