Bapu's Reassurance and Care

ll Hari Om ll

In His discourse on Thursday (3rd January 2013) at Shree Harigurugram, Shree Aniruddha spoke about the incidents that sent waves of shock in the entire country and stirred up strong protest. Every thinking and sensitive Indian citizen was pained. Bapu offered a firm and comforting reassurance, a relief to all His Shraddhavaan friends. I am sharing with all, this very important and 'reassuring' part of the discourse in this post:

"The last three or four days, in fact the whole of last week, T.V. channels and the news papers have been reporting horrific instances of how the woman's honour is violated in this democratic nation of India, how she is reduced to a pathetic state... and as you saw these reports, many of you were furious although you were actually not in any way related to her (to the victim)... I heard it, I saw it and I am proud of it. You felt rage, you felt anger, you clenched your fists; I was glad. However, I wish to say one thing to all the women present here. May Nature make the distinction of gender – of the man and the woman; may their bodies differ accordingly in structure and anatomy but their destinies do not differ based on gender. Moreover in today's times even men become victims of rape due to a certain kind of human tendency.

I have nothing to do with either this or that. The unjust or the one who exploits and the exploited or the victim of the injustice are the only two classes I know. Even if a complaint is lodged following the rape incident, the legalities take their own course and time. The law may even punish the culprit but all through her life, the woman's heart remains scarred by the horrible moment! What about that? She was humiliated and violated. What about that? What about the one who lost her life? Many parents sitting here today have come with this very worry in their hearts. 'Bapu, our daughter travels all alone. We are scared.' Time and again over the last two years I have been receiving these kinds of letters. 'Will our daughter who leaves home in the morning come home safe in the evening Bapu?' You just never know who will do what and where! Every decent woman holds this fear in her heart. If rape can occur in a running bus, it can happen anywhere and everywhere. Everything is possible. What in the world do we do then? These days I hear that even young boys are raped by men like women are. I have a few clauses for them:

Clause 1: If the exploited, the rape victim – be it a woman or even a young boy – were to chant the Aniruddha Chalisa 108 times each day through 11 days, the rapist will be rendered impotent with immediate effect and that is My blessing. Not only will he become impotent, but the world will know about his impotency and he will be scorned and ridiculed.

Clause 2: Every such woman and every such helpless young boy who chants the Gurukshetram Mantra at least 5 times every day, will not and cannot ever be raped. This will just not be possible even if this person is all alone and is faced with a gang of 100 and that is My word. I will stand in the way, remember that. Those who cannot manage the Sanskrit pronunciations may recite it as best as is possible, or in a way they can for I will have corrected it and the gain will be all yours, remember that too.

Clause 3: The Matruvatsalyavindanam has a prescribed pattern meant for regular reading. I have on the other hand kept the Matruvatsalya Upanishad totally open. You may read any chapter as many times as you wish to. You may follow any sequence. Read it the way you want to. If a woman or even man who feels the threat and fear of rape from a particular person or a person more powerful than her or him, were to read the 2 chapters relating to Mata Shivagangagauri even once and pray to Her saying that he or she is afraid of such and such person, their fear will vanish at once as the cause of fear would have vanished, would have been totally wiped out.

Clause 4: We cannot recite the mantras. What about us? What do we do? The uneducated, the illiterate, those with speech difficulties and even the mute for that matter, may just say "Aniruddha, Aniruddha" in the mind, they will have the benefits of all of this, i.e. the reading, the chanting... just all of this. Not only will I do all of this for your sake but will see to it that the fruit of this comes to you, that it is all yours. That is My promise.

Clause 5: To all the women of the Ahilya Sangh, the 'Bal' group and the Chandika Army that we have formed, I announce that if a person approaches you with evil intentions, a technique that I will give to you, will equip you to make that person permanently impotent - right away, right there and within 5 seconds. No matter if you are a mere 30 kg, you are recovering from fever, you do not have the strength to walk two steps, I guarantee that you will be able to do this.

So then, just be assured and have no fear. We are Bapu's daughters, we are Bapu's children. Nobody, just nobody can scare us. He (Bapu) alone and all by Himself is all powerful and competent to protect us. But then all of this on just the one condition: Do not ever lie to Me; for if you do, none of the benefits that I spoke of, will hold true for you, none of them will bear fruit for you. If you observe and pledge by this one condition I am willing to do just anything for you.

ll Hari Om ll