Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu saved my son from severe car accident

- Vandanaveera Pednekar, Kandivali The Sadgurutatva remembers all the efforts a Shraddhavan takes on the path of devotion. He ensures that we undertake those efforts so he can create a shield for the future calamities. It could be anything such as writing a notebook of Ramnaam or actions such as donating blood. One’s Sadguru notes such efforts in the bank of good deeds; whenever a calamity strikes, this bank balance proves helpful.
Before we became followers of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu, my husband, Vijaysinh, would always tell me that most of our relatives follow some or the other Sadguru. He would insist we start following a Sadguru. I used to tell him that my Sadguru was Saibaba and whenever he wished, he would again take the form of my Sadguru. I need not wander for making someone my Sadguru. In 2000, our children and we both went to Bandra for Ashwath Maruti Poojan. We were fortunate enough to get a darshan of Aniruddha Bapu. Our eyes suddenly welled up, and we could not understand anything. Param Pujya Bapu lovingly looked at us and blessed us. We felt featherlight after that. Since then, we have attended his discourses. We began putting our efforts into doing things as per his teachings. We have experienced Bapu’s grace over the years. We are sure he is standing right behind us to support us at all times. He ensures that he saves us from all the problems and hurdles in life. With his unconditional love, Sadguru makes us alert about future problems in advance. He also makes sure that Shraddhavans come out from this without any suffering. My experience proves how Bapu pulls us out of these unforeseen calamities. Jyache Hrudayee Shreeguru Smaran, Tayasi Kaise Bhay Daarun | Kaalmrutyu Na Baadhe Jaana, Apamrutyu Kaay Kari | This experience that I got is evidence of Bapu’s promise, “I will never forsake you.” My son, Vaibhav, works as a driver. He met with a severe accident on May 10, 2008, on the highway near Mangaon. Before leaving for the journey, he had given me his completed Ramnaam notebook for depositing it at the Upasana centre. I deposited his Ramnaam notebook the same night he met with an accident. Two people died on the spot. I came to know about the news of his accident the next day around noon. One of his friends told me that Vaibhav had met with an accident and that he had been brought to Sion Hospital. I quickly composed myself. Around that time, my husband was invovled in Charakha Shibir preparations. I tried to inform him over the phone but could not reach him. I then called one of our family friends and told him about the accident. He left for the hospital. I also left for Sion Hospital along with Vaibhav’s friend. My husband and volunteers of Dahanukarwadi and Charkop Kendras had reached there before me. Vaibhav was in a very critical condition. I was numb on seeing him in that state. I could not speak at all and was not in a state of mind to speak anything. He was unconscious and drenched in blood. His skull had cracked, and the right leg bone had broken into two. With Bapu’s grace, his treatment began immediately. Somebody asked us to meet Param Pujya Suchitdada. We went to the clinic but did not have any paper-work to show. We had a paperclip of the news published in the newspaper. Hence, we could inform Dada about it in brief. Param Pujya Suchitdada looked at us calmly and assured us. He asked us to chant Hanuman Chalisa 27 times every day. He then asked us to meet him after eight days. Vaibhav was being treated at Sion Hospital. He had head injuries; his liver was damaged due to internal bleeding and his whole back had abrasions. Only his face and hands were intact. All those who visited him felt that he would not survive the accident. However, only Bapu shraddhavans  were optimistic about his survival. Vaibhav was in the ICU for almost 13-15 days. The doctor decided to amputate his leg amid all this. My brother informed me about this. At that time, I was chanting a jap and was also writing Ramnaam notebook. I did not say anything. I kept the Ramnaam notebook in front of me which had Bapu’s picture and decided to perform Rasasadhana as enumerated in Shreemadpurushartha Granthraj, Prempravas. I prayed to Bapu and asked him to save Vaibhav’s leg. Vaibhav was brought to the ICU after the surgery. I kept reminding my mind about Bapu’s promise “I will never forsake you.” I knew that Bapu would not let me down as I had faith in him. And what a surprise! The doctor changed his decision regarding amputation of his leg. Instead, he decided to put a rod in my son’s leg and grafted a bone. I firmly believe that Bapu made the doctor change his decision. Slowly my son’s health improved and he also regained consciousness. Later, he was shifted to a general ward. All our relatives visiting Vaibhav told us to consult an astrologer and also recommended we performed the Gruha Shanti. At times, I felt we should do it,but right at the next moment, I would remember Mr Butti’s story from Shree Saisatcharitra and I would begin chanting Sadguru’s name. I neither consulted an astrologer for any advice regarding Vaibhav nor did I tie any sacred thread on Vaibhav. I did not let my faith in Bapu dwindle. Based on this faith, we continued with Vaibhav’s treatment. We were asked to come to the clinic after eight days. We went to meet Suchitdada and showed him all the reports. After going through the reports, Dada said, “Please do not worry at all. Everything would be alright. There is no danger for his life.” Later, Dada pointed towards picture of Dattaguru and said, “The Almighty is sitting up there.” We returned from the clinic quite assured. We completed Vaibhav’s treatment in Sion Hospital. Every 8-10 days we would take him back to the hospital, admit him there, get his leg treated, and bring him home. This continued for almost 4-5 months. His leg frequently got infected and was operated upon around 5-6 times. Now, it was time for his last surgery. We continued to face some or the other obstacles. At times, the Operation Theatre would be unavailable, and at others, the machine would malfunction. Sometimes, the doctor would not be available. We once again went to Dada. Dada told us that everything would be alright by Tuesday. There was a new doctor who had joined Sion Hospital from Pune. He decided to operate on Vaibhav and also decided to remove the rod from his leg. This was the last surgery performed on Vaibhav. Vaibhav then began walking with the help of crutches. When he had gone to Bapu’s home for Ganapati darshan, Bapu and Nandai looked at him with utmost love and after that his health started improving with each passing day. I also dreamt of Bapu sternly instructing me, ”I will never forsake you.” Similarly, when I visited a function as a part of Bapu’s fiftieth birthday celebrations, I remembered Bapu had said, ”Let the biggest calamity strike you ;even if you lose it, I will bring you back. I will not let anything happen to you.” I did not understand what he meant then, and not that I fully understand it today, but after this incident, I remembered those words. I realised that it was solely Bapu who brought Vaibhav back to me. My son now has fully recovered from this accident. His health has returned to normal, and he can stand on his feet. He continues to drive the car, and now he has no health issues at all. Before this incident happened, Bapu had made us prepare ourselves. How? I will narrate it to you in brief. All of us know Bapu’s assurance to us, “If you put one step forward, then I will take 99 steps towards you.” Bapu has described in Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj about the nine drops that he likes. One of them being a ‘drop of blood’ that one would donate for someone else. Our Foundation organised a blood donation camp on May 4, 2008 I was interested in donating blood. I would stand in front of Bapu’s picture daily and tell him that nothing should hold me back from donating my blood. That year, I donated blood for the first time in my life. During my son’s surgery, our Foundation made arrangements for blood for him, when there was a need of blood. Overall, 10-12 bottles were transfused, but there was no shortage of blood. Our Shraddhavan Bapu devotees are always ready to donate blood. Vaibhav had given me his completed Ramnaam notebook to deposit. I had deposited it one day prior to his accident. It was all Bapu’s grace that when he met with the accident, he was brought to Sion hospital in Mumai and not to any local hospital near the accident site. Had he been taken to a hospital in an unfamiliar place, we could not have run around the way we did in Mumbai. It would have caused us a lot of emotional and financial problems. During this accident, we got immense help from Bapu devotees. Several doctors, nurses and paramedics who are Bapu devotees helped us. Our Pramukh Sevak and other Bapu devotees helped us financially and otherwise too. I do not know knowledge, science or philosophy. I only know that My Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu loves me a lot. He does not allow even one of my life-trouble to come even remotely close to me. Bapu, I bow at your lotus feet and pray you to allow me to stay at your lotus feet always.