Bapu’s daily breakfast menu – Aambil or Idli


 In today’s hustle bustle of life, it is quite common to hear people saying that they do not find enough time to have a proper breakfast… is in such situations that most people make do with bread, which forms an integral part of their breakfast. In fact, many people cannot just imagine breakfast without bread. Having said that, today there are still many households that have a variety of options for breakfast.

Ambil Ambil

However, Bapu has a standard breakfast menu. Bapu’s breakfast always comprises of Aambil or Idlis; that too idlis made out of udad dal and rice. Some households have a tradition of preparing idlis made only out of rice; but, as far as possible, Bapu avoids eating such idlis. However, Bapu makes it a point to have Aambil everyday for breakfast. Today’s younger generation may not even be aware as to what Aambil is, because I have barely come across people who have eaten Aambil. Made out of rice, easy to make, with minimal cost, Aambil is known to be very nutritious for the body.

Today, with Bapu’s guidance, all of us at home have Aambil for breakfast. Two small bowl-full of Aambil are quite sufficient for one person. If we have Aambil for breakfast then our intake of other items of breakfast reduces significantly, thereby automatically regulating our calorie intake. Aambil is very good for satiating our hunger and has a cooling effect on the stomach.

For everybody’s benefit I am giving below Nandai’s recipe for making Aambil



Ambil RecipeAmbil Recipe



Parimal Rice - 1 bowl

Sugar - 1 spoon

Buttermilk made from Curd - 5 bowls

Water - 7 bowls

Salt - to suit taste



 Firstly, empty the bowl of Parimal rice into a vessel - Rinse the rice with water 3 times - thereafter pour 7 bowls of water into the vessel – use the same bowl for measuring rice as well as water – thereby, the proportion will be maintained – thereafter place the vessel in the pressure cooker and wait upto 3 whistles

 Ambil-Recipe Ambil-Recipe

Thereafter remove the vessel with the cooked rice from the pressure cooker and keep it outside. The cooked rice so removed will have some residue of water. Pour the same into a mixer and stop after approximately five seconds from the time of starting it.


 Pour the mixture back into the vessel. Thereafter add 1 spoonful of sugar and add salt to taste. After adding both sugar and salt, mix it well. After you have mixed it well, add 5 bowls of buttermilk and mix it well yet again. Thereafter taste the mixture and add salt if required. Thereafter, cover the vessel and keep it through the night – do not put it in the refrigerator.




It takes between 12-14 hours for Aambil to be ready to eat; which means that if you prepare Aambil at 8.00 pm and keep it through the night, it will be ready for eating at 10.00 am the next day.

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