Bapu’s blessing is all that you need!

- Kusum Darekar, Nashik  


Once a person has Mothi Aai’s blessings and that of her son, our Sadguru Bapu, one becomes fearless to face any untoward incident. Many of us received the opportunity to obtain such blessings during the Shree Varada Chandika Prasannotsav. Shraddhavans were bestowed with a protective shield during this festival. Here is an experience that would stand testimony to this fact.

Jyache Hrudayee Shreegurusmaran,

Tayasee Kaiche Bhaay Darun

Kaalmrutyu Na Baadhe Jaan,

Apamrutyu Kaay Kari II

I bow a million times at the lotus feet of Parampujya Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. Although, a million might be considered a small number as our Sadguru tirelessly keeps doing things for us. His blessings are endless. He keeps blessing us all the time.

I have been visiting Shree Aniruddha Upasana Kendra, Nashik, since the year 2002. I began attending Upasana due to a Bapu bhakt several years ago. A priest used to visit our home to facilitate performing Poojas, and he was a Bapu bhakt. He once suggested that I visit an Upasana Kendra close to my house. Therefore, on the following Saturday, I decided to go to the Upasana Kendra. There was a queue for the darshan. So I jumped in and said, “Please allow me to take darshan today. I will stand in the queue from the following Saturday.” That in itself was my first experience as no one said anything untoward.

I rested my head on the Padukas, and I surrendered myself to Bapu. After that, I kept experiencing his blessings all the time. That is just how my Bapuraya is. He is there with each one of his devotees and takes care of them. 

The experience I am going to narrate now is from the Shree Varada Chandika Prasannotsav. I was to leave Nashik around 5 am on May 10, 2011. My two daughters-in-law, three grandsons and a few relatives from the Bapu Parivar had decided to travel together. So we got up at 3 am, performed Aanhik and other upasana before we left.

We applied Udi and left home around 6:30 am. We put up a banner on our car and then prayed to Bapu that He give us darshan and facilitate the poojan smoothly. 

We reached Harigurugram around 10:15 am and immediately went inside. The atmosphere there felt divine. The volunteers were giving clear instructions to Shradhavaans for the poojan. After some time, the poojan was accomplished. At around 12:30 pm, Bapu, Nandaai and Suchitdada came on the stage, and we took their darshan. As we turned around to exit the pandal later, we saw Bapu near the Ganga Mata Moorti. He was invoking her and chanting a prayer. We observed that event with utmost love and reverence.

Reluctantly, we left from there. It was tough to leave the premises, but alas, we did! We stepped out, and the driver told us that our car would not start. So we had to push the vehicle. However, after some time, the car ignition worked, and we could not figure out its reason. 

We began our journey towards Nashik. At Sion, we joined the highway. Everyone was in a joyous mood. We all were excited and chit-chatting in full swing. Several of us had never received Bapu's darshan from such close quarters. As everyone’s desire was fulfilled, they felt elated.

We had decided to have our lunch soon after stepping out of Thane city limits. However, before we could comprehend what was happening, our car mounted on the edge of the bridge at Mulund. It moved for about 10 feet, turned around and stopped, facing towards Mumbai (in the reverse direction). We were shocked by the series of events. The tyres burst, and the rings broke into two.

Four of us were sitting at the back. We slowly opened the door and came out cautiously. Everyone was terrified. However, despite the deadly accident, no one had suffered even a single bruise. 

Right at that moment, an unknown person from the crowd which had gathered around us came forward. This person was quite different. He inquired about our well-being and asked us if we were hurt. He also enquired if any one of us needed to be taken to a doctor. 

I said to him, “All of us are returning from an utsav hosted by Parampujya Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. Our Sadguru is always with us, and that is the reason why no one is hurt in this accident.” 

A Police van then came by at the accident spot. The police and other people who were present there told us that several accidents had taken place at this very spot previously as well. But not a single person had survived any of the prior accidents. The police exclaimed that it happened at a very fortunate time. They said it was indeed God’s grace that it happened when there was no traffic. One could not even imagine what could have happened had there been regular traffic.

We knew very well who had played a role in saving us. That is why I repeatedly feel like saying,

Aniruddha Majhi Mata | Aniruddha Majha Pita |

Vadeel Bandhu Chulata || Aniruddha Majha Sakha ||

Jyachya Shiri Bapuncha Haat, Tyachyi Kalikaalavarahi Maat ||