Bapu, you are great!

bapu you are great

Experience Of Medha Dalvi 

I was introduced to the shraddhavan family in 2003 by my colleague Mrs. Ashaveera Kamble, I have been blessed with many experiences since then. My entire family is now under the aegis of Bapu.

This was an experience from 2004. We had to water the plants in the garden near Kalwa bridge. There were about 12-15 of us who were participated in this seva. The seva went off very well and we were all very happy.

On reaching home I casually glanced at my hand, that’s when I realized that my gold ring had fallen off. I was shocked to see this. I understood that the ring must have fallen off while watering the plants. But it was next to impossible to find a tiny ring in the huge garden.

I searched the entire house 8-10 times. I went through all the places where I could have possibly kept it. The following day, I went with my husband to the garden and searched there as well. Tired, before leaving from the garden we told the gardener about the ring and requested him to inform us if he found it. We had lost all hope – now Bapu was our only resort!

And Bapu turned the wheels of fate –

In the following days during a conversation with Ashaveera, I said to her that if I found the ring now, I would definitely write this experience and send it across. I said this and in some time from then, I found the ring in my house!

I heard something fall in the house at the place where I had searched about 10-12 times before. On bending down to check, I saw that very ring.

Bappa, you are simply great! I clearly remember that when I went for the seva, the ring was in my finger. How did it land at my home then! And if I had left it back at home, how come I did not find it when I searched about 10-12 times before? I am sure that this is the blessing of my Sadguru.

Such happy moments keep coming in our life. Bapu never abandons us. In 2011, Bappa saved me from the clutches of death.

Who has been able to evade the Prarabdha (destiny)?

I fell off the motorbike in May 2011 and suffered 32 staple stitches on the backside of my head. The cut was severe, however, due to Bapu’s blessings, I did not feel the pain. Except the head injury, I did not suffer a single scratch on my body. Everyone was surprised. Bapu had saved me from a major injury. I remember only two things from that incident. One, a huge truck and second was someone asking me my daughter Devaki’s number. Bapu had ensured that I was conscious till that point. I have no recollection of anything after that.

I was able to speak after the accident but could not recognize anyone. My daughter Devaki was completely distraught. She had lost her father in 2005 and now her mother was in such a state. Bapu heard her prayers. Bapu restored my memory and brought me back to my senses.

Just a few days back, it so happened that my brother was awaiting his results for the banking examination. This was necessary for his promotion. I kept calling him to ask if he received the message of confirmation for the interview. He calmly told me that what is to happen, shall eventually happen. I was very restless and stood in front of Bapu’s photograph and prayed. In a matter of minutes, my brother called me to give the good news that he had received a call to appear for the interview. Bappa, I am sure that you will bless him with success in his future.

Bapu, please keep us under your aegis all our life and give us the opportunity to serve you. After all, you are great!

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