Bapu pulled me out from the jaws of death!

- Ashok Karulkar, Andheri

Everybody prays for one’s own well-being and progress. However, when one prays for someone else, and it bears the fruit of success, the happiness one experiences cannot be described. Bapu teaches us this very thing. Bapu devotees are always eager to extend a helping hand to those who are in distress. The following experience is an instance of the same.

  On October 03, 2010, we received a call from my maternal aunt at Goregaon. Her husband was admitted to the Nanavati Hospital and had been kept on a ventilator. I was not at home when she made the call, but my wife informed me about it when I returned back. We finished our lunch and started from home to go to the hospital. I took with me our Sanstha's Udi and a locket that my Bapuraya had blessed. Everyone visiting him at the hospital was in extreme distress. So, we checked on him and returned home. I was quite worried about my maternal aunt because her children, a son and a daughter, were relatively young. I dreaded that the worst could happen to my aunt’s husband. That is why I promptly gave my aunt’s daughter the locket with Bapu’s picture on it and the Udi as well. Immediately, she applied the Udi on her father’s forehead. Since the doctors had put him on a ventilator, everyone was quite tensed. I was praying to my Bapuraya for his speedy recovery. Also, I requested Bapuraya not to let him remain in the hospital for too long. After returning home, I would call every alternate day to check on him. One day, his son had called to let me know that doctors had performed an angioplasty on him and that he was feeling much better. After that, on a Sunday, I went to the hospital to deliver breakfast to him. To my surprise, the counter staff informed me that he was discharged from the hospital. I was very happy. My Bapu came forward for an ordinary devotee like me and pulled my uncle from the jaws of death. Bapuraya, your interventions beyond comprehension of us common men. May all your devotees bow before your lotus feet!