He pulled me out from the jaws of death!

- Meera Purohit, Kandivali (West) Every devotee experiences the loving and unconditional grace of our beloved Sadguru, Parampujya Bapu. All the devotees of Sadguru Bapu around the world, regardless the region they come from, be it Doha or Qatar, Sharjah or UAE, Muscat or Hong Kong, or be it in New Zealand, all of them are confident of the fact, that those who surrender at his lotus feet are protected by him. This is an experience of my saviour, my Sadguru who pulls people out from the deadly jaws of death and yet, says that he does not do anything. After wrapping up the Dattajayanti Utsav around 12:30 at midnight on December 01, 2009, we returned home. It was the second day of Vardhaman Vratadhiraj. While I tried to switch on the gas stove, I heard a slight hissing sound coming from the gas cylinder. I sat down and checked the cylinder to ensure if it was actually the smell of gas that had emanated. I pulled the cylinder out but the smell persisted. At dawn, Anand, my husband sits for his meditation. When I asked him about the cylinder, he said that my Aunt who lived next door had changed the gas cylinder as the previous one had emptied, just a day earlier.  Anand said, ”We had checked the gas cylinder and it was well placed. I cooked the Methi vegetable and some rice as well, which I had offered them for dinner.” It meant that my husband was totally unaware of the leakage. Our Bapu had taken care of everyone for one entire day i.e. since the previous night. Once again I went into the kitchen and tried to fit the regulator properly but it just would not. While I picked up the lighter to check if the stove was leaking, I realised the lighter was dysfunctional. Therefore, I switched off the cylinder’s supply button and lit the match-stick. Instantly, the cylinder caught fire and it began to burn heavily. Bapu was at home (in the form of his Chinmay Padukas). I began to call out to people for help. My husband, Anand came rushing to me.  Without much thought, I poured water onto the cylinder only to find out that it made no difference. In fact, the fire was blazing and after about 2-3 minutes, I passed out. As I fell down, I held the cylinder’s molten knob and switched it off right before I collapsed. The gas leakage had stopped. My husband was left aghast with terror. Looking at the scenario, for a moment, he felt as though I had had a heart attack. After five minutes, I regained my composure to find that in spite of the blazing fire, neither the cylinder had blasted nor had the window caught fire. There was no apparent damage anywhere. Bapu had not only saved us but the entire building as well. I chanted the Vrata Pushpa and the stotra. We were supposed to attend my nephew’s wedding at Wadala, and so my uncle and aunt were supposed to leave at eight in the morning. I wanted to inform Suchit Dada about the incident personally. None of them had any clue of the severity of the incident that had just taken place at our home. If I had decided not to attend the wedding, my uncle would have given one winding lecture to my aunt who had helped us during this crisis. He would have compelled my aunt to prepare breakfast for us as well. Therefore, I refrained from saying anything to them until we travelled by taxi to the venue.  Then, as we were on the way, I informed them about the incident. I immediately recalled the story from Sai Satcharita where Baba pulled the baby of the iron-mason lady out of the fire. Nothing is impossible for the Sadguru. His powerful blessings not only pulled us out from the jaws of death but also saved the other people from the building. The entire incident was so ghastly that I could not dare imagine the consequences, had it unfolded any other way. The cylinder was burning for almost 2-3 minutes. It meant that the cylinder could have blasted any time. The window-pane should have caught fire as well. Yet, absolutely none of these things had occurred. On Thursday morning, I informed Suchit Dada about it. He asked us to chant certain prayers in an expression of gratitude towards Mothi Aai (Mother Mahishasurmardini). In today’s hustle and bustle of life, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha is guiding everyone by emphasizing on the importance of devotion and service. He is helping everyone by playing different roles in his devotees’ lives. It is a heavenly feeling to actually witness the fact that Sadguru is moving among us, talking to us so closely. My Sadguru runs to the rescue of those in difficulties before they even call out to him for help.