Bapu makes the impossible, possible!

- Anagha Padgaonkar, Aurangabad 

‘Majsave jo Preme Yaeel, Tayache Ashakya Shakya Me Kareen’ - is one of the promises of Bapu. It is well etched on my mind. Even so, I internalized it only when I experienced it in real life. I now know that my Bapu ensures that he gives everyone whatever is apt and appropriate at the opportune time.

  Happy New Year 2019

A bus was to leave our Kendra at Aurangabad for Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram at Mumbai. Devotees were to receive Udi from Bapu on the day of Mahashivaratri. Since I had already received the Udi from Bapu, I was not going to go with them. I thought everyone ought to get that opportunity! However, it so happened that one of the devotees who was to get on that bus had to leave a day early for receiving Bapu’s Charansparsh on the completion of 150 ramnaam books. So, one seat got vacant, and I grabbed that opportunity.

On reaching Mumbai on the day of Mahashivratri, I received Udi from Bapu. When I sit back and think about it, I feel that it was my Sadguru’s desire to give me the Udi on that day. Bapu gave me an armour in the form of the Udi to save me from the calamity I was to face a few days later. When I took my seat on the bus to return to Aurangabad, my leg swelled, and my left knee began to ache. Only when one of the Shraddhavan gave me a pain-relieving tablet, the pain subsided slightly.

On the following Saturday, my gums began bleeding continuously. So, I went to my dentist who asked me to get my blood examined. I was unable to do it immediately since the next day was a Sunday. The bleeding stopped on Monday, but then on Wednesday, I began to pass blood through urine. Also, my left knee was in constant pain. Finally, on Thursday, amid this chaos, I got my blood and urine examined at a pathological laboratory. The test reports indicated that my platelet count had dropped considerably. The doctors advised me to get admitted immediately.

The doctors recommended that I get admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). On hearing that, I felt quite scared. Now, the only support I had was that of my Bapu. I kept on chanting his name, and it slowly gave me courage.

My blood was being tested to check the platelet count every day. That Thursday, platelets were transfused to me. Every six hours, they began to test my blood for the platelet count. The results showed that my platelet count was rising. It went from 19,000 to 38,000 and then upto 56,000. After that, they shifted me to the general ward on Saturday. By that time, the platelet count was Two Lakh Sixty Nine Thousand (2,69,000). Soon I was discharged from the hospital and returned home.

At the time of discharge, the doctors informed my husband that they were astonished to see that I came to the hospital all by myself with such a low platelet count. They were even more surprised when they observed that the count significantly increased even though it had almost hit rock bottom and returned to normal levels within just two days.

But I knew that it was possible only because of Bapu’s blessings and the armour he had given me, in the form of the Udi. With that armour, death could not have possibly taken over me.

The saying, ‘Dev Taari Tyala Kon Maari’ - turned out to be explicitly true in my case. I will never forget the fact that Bapu saved me through such a severe calamity effortlessly. It is only ‘Him’ that runs towards his devotee when they are in dire need. And, he did run for helping me! Everything, including the availability of treatment at the right time, the rapid increase in platelet count and gathering money to pay for steep medical expenses, became possible. I just wanted to get out of the calamity associated with my bad destiny.

During the sickness, I had almost died, and then I was reborn. It completely changed the way I looked at my life. I was convinced that even if one had many relatives and friends, the actual support came only from ‘Him’. I was entirely in sync with that reality.

My God has given me my life back. I want nothing else. I only wish to be at his lotus feet and continue my journey on the path of devotion until my last breath.

Jo Jo Maj Smare Drudh Bhave Tayasi Anandghan Dayeen Me

I bow to the lotus feet of Bapu and pray that he blesses all his devotees!