There is no end to Bapu’s grace!

-  Pratima Pathak, Beharanpur In the year 1999, we began following Bapu, and he has helped us through thick and thin of life ever since. I am confident that a devotee who is under the guidance and care of Bapu can overcome even the biggest hurdles in life. "Me Tula Kadhich Taknaar Nahi" - I shall never forsake you!, is a promise Bapu has made and he always keeps his word. On March 10, 2010, I experienced just that. My husband, Sanjeevsinh works with the Central Railway. Three years ago, he was transferred to Bhusaval after receiving a promotion. Here, he is required to work in shifts. Nevertheless, both of us keep on chanting Bapu's name all the time. On March 10th, my husband was going for his second shift on the scooter, and he kept the office bag behind on the carrier. On the way to the station, due to excessive ongoing road repairs, traffic congestion was a common phenomenon. As he was in a hurry to get to work, the bag fell off the scooter as it passed through the rubble. He realised the bag was missing after a long time. Despite that, he proceeded to the station as his shift was about to start. Needless to say, he was quite tense about it. The bag contained many essential and important things. Immediately, he reached out to Bapu from within his heart. Also, he called me to inform me that the bag had fallen off somewhere on the road. Immediately, I began chanting "Anusuyoatrisambhuto…" and promised Bapu that I would chant Ramraksha once the bag was found. Has it ever happened that you intensely call out to Bapu and he does not listen? No, never! In about 90 minutes, a gentleman from Shirpur, Mr Vasant Patil returned the bag at the railway station. In fact, a handcart puller was taking away the bag, but he argued with that person quite a bit to get it from him and then returned it at the station. On seeing the bag intact, my husband felt that Bapu himself had sent help in the form of Mr Patil to return the bag. My husband's friend, Mr Chaturvedi was of immense help to us during the episode. A devotee, who reposes complete faith in Bapu, is saved from the biggest obstacles in life. Bapu ensures the happiness of such a devotee. He is an unending flow of forgiveness and love. Let each devotee realise the power of Bapu's never-ending love. It is the only prayer I offer at Bapu's lotus feet as I bow before him.

Pushpaumalele je majhe ! vahile tulachi !

Tula tujhe detanahi, bharun meech raahi !!