Bapu Eradicates Everything That Destiny Brings Forward!

- Anjali Arekar, Karjat strength A lady suffering from Polio with her aged parents to take care of at home, handling their ailments and those of hers as well, she is standing firm today. Where does that strength come from? Of course, one’s devotion towards one Sadguru comes in handy. It would not be possible without a solid support and help from someone. In this narration of her personal experience, one sentence pretty much would summarize the entire experience. It says, “If one is destined to eat a green chilli, then due to Sadguru’s blessings, one would land up eating a capsicum instead of a green chili.” I am ambadnya at the lotus feet of Parampujya Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu and to the whole Chandikakul. This narration is an attempt to convey my extreme gratitude. Whenever I would read anything about Bapu in Krupasindhu, Starvrutta and Pratyaksha, I would always feel like writing about him. However, I felt that I could not contain and present my thoughts concisely when I thought of Bapu. I was not sure what was appropriate to be written. How could I write all these details in my article? In spite of this state of mind, let me attempt to pen down 2-3 of Bapu’s experiences here. At the age of 2.5 years, I had a severe onset of Polio. I could not move nor could I make any bodily movements. I was treated at Wadia Hospital and then with the help of crutches, I was able to walk again. During the same time, I began to be at home but began studying by recognizing alphabets. I had to wear shoes that reached almost right up to my chest and with much physical struggle, I passed my 10th grade with first rank. I then completed my college education and managed to get a job in Bank of India. During this whole time, I somehow knew that there was some super power behind me which supported me through this difficult phase. In the year 1996 when I first met Bapu, I realized that he was the super power I had sensed all these years. It was a connect from some previous birth but it was hard to identify it then. If I were to write about my experiences relating to my ilizarov technique surgery in the year 1992, the plaster cast, then the treatment using traction, the ordeal of having a wheel of a Tonga roll over my feet in the year 1996, having to put in the screw at that time, it coming out in the year 2005 and the surgery post that, dilation of my throat, I probably would take a lot of time. Therefore, let me talk about just two of these several experiences. In the year 2010, I had some issue with my eyes. My left eye was completely shut and I could see with my right eye but it was hazy. Till then with the support of Bapu, I had faced all the difficulties I encountered. However, with this ailment, I was slightly disturbed. My parents were both unwell and therefore, I could not tell them about my ailment either. In the end, Bapu is our only source of support! I then went to Gurukshetam and also with an intent to meet Dr. Suchitdada. Dr. Datar and Mrs. Smitaveera were of great help to me during this time. Dada mentioned that it was a Neurological issue and suggested to me that I consulted a particular doctor from Pune. He also assured me that I would definitely be alleviated of this issue. Dr. Kelkar from Pune opined that it was a type of paralysis and that it could spread downwards into my body. Therefore he recommended seeing Dr. Kothari who is a Neurosurgeon. Dr. Kothari performed 2-3 tests but he could not diagnose it. Therefore he admitted me to Pune Hospital to perform MRI and also to observe my health condition. I kept chanting Bapu name. On that day, I was totally exhausted and also irritated with a battery of tests being performed on me. My irritation reached a new level hearing all those incessant questions from the student doctors. MRI was performed at 10 in the night. The next day in the afternoon, the doctor performed another test. He then concluded that the vein had swollen and prescribed tablets (steroids) to me for 10 days. Since I am a Polio patient, my bones were quite brittle and therefore, I could not take steroids for a long period of time. However, I did not have to worry, my Bapu was there to look after me. During this situation, Shri Aniruddha Upasana Centre, several Bapu devotees from Pune provided much needed help and support. They gave me much needed assurances and reassurances. Doctor had indicated that since the vein was swollen, no treatment could be proctored. I was making the rounds of Dr. Kelkar and Dr. Kothari’s clinics. Finally based on their advice, I came back to Karjat and began my routine. Both the doctors said that the eyes getting affected was an uncommon phenomenon but there was no need for any treatment then. This was indeed Bapu’s grace. I would have an occasional stomach ache. My digestion had gone for a toss. I was taking some or the other home remedies for flatulence and for my burping. Everyone around would say that I made very few movements and thus, these problems had engulfed me. Karjat did not offer many medical services and due to my physical condition, I could not step out so easily. This time around in October the issue of stomach ache aggravated quite a bit. I then went to Thane. My younger sister lived there. I got all my tests done with the consultation of a doctor. Those tests revealed that I had gall bladder stone and a surgery was imperative. At that time, my haemoglobin was just about 7. I was prescribed some tablets for that. I had great difficulty swallowing them. I would take them sporadically. My haemoglobin is usually always on the lower side. On January 13, 2013, I once again had a bout of stomach ache. I then decided to get the surgery done. However, earlier, in similar circumstances, various other doctors had opined in different ways. Therefore, I decided to meet Dada before surgery. I insisted to my sister that we first go to Gurukshetram. I wanted to consult Dada and then we could decide, thought I. We rented a car and then went to Gurukshetram, took darshan and then met Dada. Dada said that the surgery was imperative. I then informed him about my low haemoglobin. He recommended that I consult Dr. Vadeyar at Global Hospital Parel. He then spoke to Dr Vadeyar himself. I immediately went to him for consultation. On seeing my report, he said that he could not operate on me with this level of haemoglobin. He asked me to get admitted for few days prior to the surgery so that with the help of transfusion, he could boost my haemoglobin. We then performed the CBC count and voila! The earlier reading of Haemoglobin was now reading 12. Everyone was surprised to know this. I definitely knew that it was the miracle of having visited Gurukshetram. I called everyone from there and I decided to get my surgery done there itself. I got admitted on the 21st and then got the laparoscopic surgery done on the 22nd. They performed the Throat laparoscopy as well. Dr. Wadiyar helped me immensely. I got discharged from the hospital on the 24th. When I put pressure on my hand, due to my physical condition, I sensed the pressure on my stomach as well. I had no strength in my leg muscles and thus I felt tensed up. I then stayed at Thane with my sister. My mother could not have managed it. I stayed there for 15 days then I went to Gurukshetram and began my routine on February 9th. One tends to experience how Bapu intervenes and makes the impossible seem effortless. One, if destined to eat the ever so spicy green chili tends to experience it as if one has eaten capsicum. My parents had only those health hurdles that they could handle themselves. All shraddhavans would tell you that they would have to bear difficult situations only to the extent they can handle them. It is purely because of Bapu’s grace. If one were to tell you about me, I would have innumerable incidents of falling down. However all of those resulted in minor scratches here and there. This is a blessing by Bapu! Since Bapu provides the much needed strength of the mind, he can change the state of one’s mind. Earlier I used to feel low and dejected but now it has subsided quite a bit. My ability to think through problems, my ability to persevere with issues has increased many folds after I began reading Krupasindhu’s articles and experiences. There are so many things that one could not have ever dreamt of if Bapu was not in one’s life. A physically challenged person like me has not only attended several Utsavs such as Goa Rasyatra, Pandharpur bhavyatra, Juinagar opening, VyankateshJ aap, Jagannath utsav, Gayatri utsav but has also enjoyed it immensely. One just has to decide and aspire to do something, somehow. Bapu, I have just about started my journey on this path. When your blessings are with me, nothing is impossible. I experience this every step up the way. While my mind wavers at times, please ensure that I always walk on the path of devotion and service. Let me rest at your lotus feet. That is the only prayer I have at the holy feet of Mother Chandika.