Bapu Always Protects His Children

- Baldeep (Ginny) Lamba

While living our lives, many of us experience good as well as bad things. These are the results of our Karma from the previous birth. We, therefore, ought to endure it as no one can circumvent the associated sufferings. Only our Sadguru can save us from such misery, and it is him and him alone who helps us to alleviate them. I had a similar life-threatening experience. However, it is only due to Parampujya Bapu’s blessings that I am alive today to narrate the experience.

On Thursday, February 25, 2010, I reached Shree Harigurugram as always. I stood in the queue to take Bapu’s darshan post his discourse. During darshan, while I was passing from in front of Bapu, for some unknown reason, he was continuously staring at me. At the time, he did not have his usual reassuring smile on his face, but his eyes appeared to shower extreme concern and care. 'What might he want to tell me?' I thought as I moved forward and was utterly perplexed.

The next day, on February 26, I had to go to the Kamla Mills compound for some office-related work. Lately, much construction had been undertaken close to that location. I finished my work and left from there. As I walked into the compound while talking on my mobile phone, I heard an enormous sound right behind me. I turned to look behind and had shivers down my spine. When I had walked past the construction site, massive iron rods had slipped from the upper floors and hit the ground. I was saved by merely a few inches!

People came running to the site on hearing the enormous sound. Everyone began to say that I was saved due to God’s grace because the impact of the fall of those iron rods was so much that the road had developed cracks. If the rods were to fall on me, I would have been crushed under their weight, leading to my death on the spot.

After a few minutes as I regained my composure, I began to think about ways in which I was saved. Notably, on that day, I had not only forgotten to wear my Trivikram locket, but at that fateful moment of the accident, I did not even have my Sadguru Bapu’s photo with me. In spite of that, my Bapu had saved me. I then looked back at the previous day’s events. It was then that I fully understood the meaning behind Bapu’s expressions of care and concern. He knew very well what I was about to face, which reflected on his face that day. I feel as though he had surrounded me with a protective wall for what was about to follow. The events that occurred could not break through that shield, and I did not even have a minor bruise on me.

Honestly, Aniruddha Bapu is always with each one of us, and he protects us from many untoward incidents. As ordinary people, we do not have the slightest hint of what is in store for us. I felt choked thinking about how we take him for granted.

We live in an age which is the peak of Kaliyug.  In such times, of accidents, diseases, epidemics, and calamities, my Bapu has to work twice as hard to protect each one of us from its ill-effects. Even so, my Bapu keeps at it without any complaints. He continues to save us from the unfortunate events written in our destiny that we are probably responsible for, through our actions. We ought to remember that all the time.


Bapuraya, I bow a thousand times in front of your lotus feet.