A bag lost at Bandra is found at Mulund

- Ajinkya Chandramore, Nashik Upasana Bapu has said all those who walk on the path of bhakti should live their lives without any fear. He has further said that each and every one who walks on the path of bhakti is being taken care of by the Sadgurutatva (the principle that is the Sadguru). This is a narration of an experience of this humble soul. I work for the central government’s service tax department. A central government employee gets LTA to tour different places within the country. I have worked for the central government for the last fourteen years. I was availing the LTA for the first time that year. Our tour of ten days began on June 12th from Bandra Terminus. We were to visit Ajmer, Jaipur, Mathura, Agra, and Vrindavan during those ten days. Our group consisted of around 14-15 people. As is my usual practice, I put the Ramnaam books and other upasana booklets inside my suitcase. On reaching Bandra Terminus, a child in our group began to feel unwell. Therefore, I took out some Udi from my bag and applied it on her forehead. On applying Udi and after chanting a Jaap for some time, in about 10 minutes she began to feel better. In the nick of time, the train pulled into the station and every one rushed to get into the train. In that hurry, I picked up two suitcases in both my hands and entered the train. By the time I adjusted all our baggage, the train began to move. Everyone was in joyous mood. In the afternoon, one of the children from my group began to cry demanding for ice-cream. I then remembered that I had a chocolate in my suitcase. I began to look for my bag so that I could give the chocolate to her, but I just could not find my suitcase. I searched the whole compartment over and over again but I could not find my bag anywhere. In fact, I did not even remember if I had picked up that bag from the station at the time of getting into the train. I wondered if someone had stolen the bag from the compartment. I was terribly nervous. My enthusiasm plummeted by this reality. While I was not terribly worried about having lost the money but felt upset that my house keys and the clothes for the next ten days were all gone. I began to think about all the negative things that I could possibly think of. I felt that my tour had ended just right there. However, Bapu’s grace cannot be fathomed at all. I was thinking about all the worst things but was also sure that Bapu was making things happen for me at the other end. While my mind was stormed with all these negative thoughts, one of the group members received a call on his mobile phone. The person was enquiring if any one from our group had lost a suitcase. It was a Shraddhavan from Nasik who had called this person. I then spoke to her and identified myself along with a description of the suitcase. On hearing that she informed me that the said suitcase was with a person who lives in Mulund. She then passed on her number to me and asked me to call her. I had received her call around 9:30 in the night. I then called the lady from Mulund and convinced her that the suitcase indeed belonged to me. She then told me that the suitcase was safe with her and asked me to collect it on returning from our tour. In a split second Bapu had eradicated all my duress. It was indeed Bapu who had done it because in today’s times, a suitcase which is left behind inadvertently cannot simply be found like that. Only my Bapu can do this. However, I was not able to solve a puzzle that the bag was left behind at Bandra, the phone call came from Nashik and the bag was with someone at Mulund. How could this happen? Only Bapu knows it, I pacified myself. Now that I was devoid of this duress, my tour went off very well. However, since all the upasana booklets were in that suitcase, I could not perform all the upasanas during that time. I just chanted Hanuman Chalisa. I wondered if Bapu would dislike the fact that it was my absentmindedness that caused a break in my regular upasana. But at the end of the day, only a mother would be able to care for her child. While this thought was at the back of my mind, I had a dream and I got Bapu’s Charansparsh in my dream that night. My tour was successfully completed that very day. Later as we were crossing Mathura Highway, we took darshan of Goddess Mahisasurmardini. On seeing the idol of Chandika Mata in that cave, I was reminded of her Idol at Shree Gurukshetram. Thus, I completed my tour with much contentment. On returning, I called the lady from Mulund. She asked me to pick up the suitcase from her mother’s office at Mulund. Since the house keys were in that suitcase, I had asked my family members to wait for me at Kurla station. I then travelled to Mulund. In fact, I had very little money with me. Since it was my first visit to Mulund, I did not know how far her mother’s office was. I then waved at a rickshaw for the ride. Just as I got into the rickshaw, I saw Bapu’s photo on the front glass. Bapu was looking at me with a big smile. I was then reminded of the story from Sai Sat Charitra about Bapugir. I was choked with emotions on witnessing how Bapu takes care of the most trivial things in one’s life. I greeted the rickshaw driver with a “Hari Om!” and narrated the story to him. I gave him the address and also told him that I did not have enough money. He simply told me to pay Rs. 12 for the ride. When I finally got my suitcase after reaching the desired place, my puzzle of Bandra-Nashik-Mulund was resolved. The mother of the lady who I spoke to lives at Mulund and had come to Bandra for some work and happened to be at Bandra station. She had seem me apply Udi to the little girl. Later as I jumped into the train with my two suitcases, leaving behind the third one, she thought I would return to take the third one. However, I never went back to get that bag, so she waited for a long time and then brought that suitcase home. At that time, an unknown person at the station asked her to handover the bag to him by assuring her that he would safely hand it over to the owner. However, since she smelt a foul play in his words, she brought the suitcase home without handing it over to him. She got a run down from her husband as well for doing all this. On bringing that suitcase home, she found the contact number of Shraddhavan from Nasik. She then called him and that is how everything fell in its place. This is the way Bapu helped me get my bag back. I had completely given up hope of the same. Everything in the suitcase was intact and in perfect condition. I was saved of a massive loss. Bapu does not like his children to say thanks. Therefore, I bow to your lotus feet and request you to help me solidify my faith and devotion towards you, Bapu.