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Some baffling news from Geopolitics

European civilisation under threat from the non-Christian migrants; Czech Republic Prime Minister, Andrej Babis

Non-Christian-migrantsPrague: ‘Non-Christian migrants are a threat to the European culture and civilisation. We don’t want to live like the people in the African or the Middle Eastern countries. Therefore, we have to stop the migrants,’ Czech Prime Minister, Andrej Babis expressed his staunch stand against the immigrants with these words. Saying that the policy adopted by other European countries is not acceptable, Prime Minister Babis referred to the problems created in Germany and France.

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The European Union should turn to Russia for its security instead of the US, French President Emanuel Macron

EU-turn-RussiaParis: ‘Europe cannot depend upon the United States for its security. Therefore, the European Union (EU) must start discussions with Russia about the subject,’ claimed French President Emanuel Macron. The media and analysts all over the world have taken note of the French President’s statements and have claimed that he has made the statements in view of the strained relations between France and the United States. Before this, even Germany had indicated terminating the defence cooperation with the United States.

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Powerful US leader, John McCain was a Godfather of ‘Muslim Brotherhood’; claims anchor of Egyptian news channel

John-McCainCairo: An Egyptian analyst has claimed that John McCain, a US Republican party leader, was a Godfather of the extremist organisation ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. Ahmed Moussa, a compere of a program on the Saad Al Balad channel in Egypt, has made this allegation and has presented evidence to substantiate the claim. John McCain, the powerful US leader died on 25th August at the age of 81. He was suffering from brain cancer and hence, he was away from active politics, since last few months. 

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European Union extends special financial aid to Iran, ignoring warning issued by the US

EU-financial-aid-IranBrussels: To save Iran’s nuclear deal, the European Union has announced a special financial aid to Iran of nearly two million Euros. This is expected to serve as a major step to improvise the economical and regional relationships, between the European Union and Iran, claims High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini. The United States had warned, just a few hours, prior to this announcement, that the European Union should choose either the United States or Iran for trade co-operation. 

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Iran deploys ballistic missiles in Iraq to target Israel and Saudi

Washington/Tehran: Iranian missiles in the ‘Zelzal’, ‘Fateh-110’ and ‘Zolfaqar’ class capable of hitting targets in the range of 200 to 700 kilometres have reached Iraq. An international news agency has claimed that with the deployment of these missiles, capable of hitting targets in Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran intends to issue a warning to its enemies. At the same time, Iran seems to have prepared to develop ballistic and cruise missiles, ignoring the warning issued by the United States. The international agency published this news report quoting the Iranian, Iraqi and western sources.


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Deep State prepares to destroy President Trump, alleges US former Congressman

Deep-StateWashington: A book was written by former Congressman Jason Chaffetz titled ‘How an Army of Bureaucrats Protected Barack Obama and Is Working to Destroy the Trump Agenda’ is set to be released on September 18. However, even before publication, the book has become a hot topic of discussion. Chaffetz has made a direct allegation through his book that the ‘Deep State’ is real and the high-ranking officials working for this group protected former President Barack Obama and now they are working to finish Donald Trump.

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US no longer safe from the advance Russian and Chinese weapons indicates US Airforce and Airspace Command’s General

Chinese-weaponsWashington: ‘The United States was considered a sanctuary from foreign military action since the end of the Cold War, but it is no longer safe from the advance weapons created by other nations over the years’, warned a US General. Although the General did not name anyone, the US military analyst claim that he warned, pointing the increasing developments in the weaponry of China and Russia. US Secretary of Defense, James Mattis had also underlined the increasing threat to the US security a few months ago.

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China hindering the dialogue between the US and North Korea alleges President Trump

North-Korea-USWashington: ‘Against the background of the conflict over trade issues with the United States, China is exerting tremendous pressure on North Korea. At the same time, China is helping North Korea by supplying fuel, chemicals and other utilities. This is creating obstacles in the process of normalisation of the United States-North Korea relations,’ alleged US President Donald Trump. Only last week, President Trump had cancelled US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to North Korea, blaming that China was not cooperative enough in the denuclearization of North Korea.

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Israel is protecting Europe against terrorism: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Israel-protecting-EuropeTel Aviv: ‘The information provided by the Israeli intelligence is proving useful to counter everyday terrorism in Europe. The Israeli intelligence is protecting Europe from terrorism. The European countries should recognise this Israeli contribution in time,’ said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Major European countries had taken a pro-Palestinian stance to oppose the United States declaration of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Against this background, this statement by the Israeli Prime Minister proves significant.

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