Australia resists China's tyrannical hegemony

US, Australia to expand military partnership with focus on hypersonic, missile defence, cyber, space warfare

Washington: After rejecting all claims of China on the South China Sea, the US and Australia have agreed on bolstering military ties to foil Beijing’s plans. The armed forces of both nations are to work jointly towards peace in the Indo-Pacific region and have inked a secret deal as per a joint statement released by the governments. 

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AUSMIN 2020: US and Australia to discuss on ‘China’

Washington: On the sidelines of the Coronavirus pandemic and other expansionist activities of China, the Australian Foreign and Defence Ministers have arrived at Washington to hold discussions. In the last few months, the US has been trying to form a front of its allies against China.

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After US, Australia terms China’s South China Sea claims unlawful

Canberra: ‘Australia rejects China’s claim to ‘historic rights’ or ‘maritime rights and interests’ as established in the ‘long course of historical practice’ in the South China Sea. All of such assertions are unlawful and meaningless,’ said Australia as it delivered a new blow to China. 

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China-Pakistan sign secret deal to build biological weapons, claims Australian investigative journalist

Beijing: China is working in collaboration with Pakistan to develop Anthrax, Ebola and other dangerous viruses and has signed an agreement with Pakistan to manufacture them. Australian investigative journalist Anthony Klan claimed that this secret pact between China and Pakistan, equipping Pakistan with the biological scientists, poses a major threat to India and the western countries. 

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Australia may be included in Malabar naval exercise, claims senior official from Ministry of Defence

New Delhi: Inclusion of Australia in the Malabar war exercises to be held in the Bay of Bengal, at the end of this year, has almost been finalised. Australia, along with the United States and Japan, will be a permanent participant in the Malabar war exercises from this year, claims a senior official from the defence department. 

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