Are Global Powers readying for war?

US Department of Defense successfully tests ‘micro-drones’ based on ‘swarm technology’

Washington : The Department of Defense in US is set to give a shattering blow to its enemies as it has successfully managed to test the ‘swarm drone technology’. The US Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, has given information that in the month of October last year, successful tests based on swarm technology were conducted on 103 ‘micro-drones’. A video relating to this was also featured in the program ’60 Minutes’ on ‘CBS NEWS’ channel.For the last several years, the US Department of Defense has been conducting research on this technology which is based on ‘collective intelligence’ considered inherent in ants and birds. However, it is the first occasion in the entire world, that a defense sector could successfully conduct tests on such a large scale.

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We will shoot down North Korean missiles warns US Secretary of Defense

Washington / Seoul : “We would necessarily shoot down the North Korean missiles, if they pose any threat to the United States or its allies”, warned the US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter. “Our country is in the final stages of preparation of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM), which would be test launched at any time soon”, declared North Korea. On this background, the US Defence Secretary has issued this warning.

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Taiwan’s fighter planes hover over Chinese warship

Taipei : After China’s aircraft carrier warship ‘Liaoning’ entered the territories of Taiwan while returning from its war drills in the South China Sea, Taiwan dispatched ‘F-16’ fighter planes and destroyers to surveil the activities of the Chinese warship.

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French PM appeals army to get ready for a ‘long war’ against terrorists in Africa

Paris : On the backdrop of dramatic changes taking place in the continent, the French Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve appealed to its army to get ready for a long-duration war against African terrorists. PM Cazeneuve during his first overseas tour, visited Africa and took an overview of the French army contingent in the “Sahel region” of Africa. This appeal made by the Prime Minister is an indication that France will continue to base its army in this region.

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