Aniruddha pournima 2012 - Our Parade Team does us Proud

Hari Om Dear Friends,
The parade just got over followed by aarti of Bapu. Thereafter Bapu visited the Garhane enclosure, offered dhoop, then offered abhishek on the idol of Ram, Lakshman and Sita amidst the chanting of Ramraksha Stotra and finally had darshan of Kiraatrudra.
Aniruddha pournima Parade
Aniruddha Pournima Parade 2012
No praise would be too large for our Parade Team. The expression of happiness and pride on Bapu's face said it all. I am sure there would have been hardly any person present there who did not get a lump in the throat and a feeling of national pride while watching the Parade.
Kudos to our video team who made sure that Nandai got to see the entire proceedings live at Happy Home.
More news later...