Aniruddha, I am ever so indebted to you!

- Ashok Koli, Jalgaon

In the recent past, our family experienced the promise of our Sadguru - "I will save you from the jaws of death".

  What could dare touch you if Bapu was your saviour? We had planned to travel to Mumbai on 21st May 2010 to attend the chanting of Hanuman Chalisa at Shree Gurukshetram. I got a call from my elder sister at around 1.30 am as we waited for the train at Jalgaon railway station. I was astonished to receive a call at that hour. My sister told me that her husband was experiencing chest pains, and therefore, she was moving him to a hospital. I began calling out to Bapu for help. My brother-in-law is quite slim, and he does not have any vices as such. So, I thought, there must not be anything seriously wrong with him. However, our Sadguru Bapu knows everything, even though we might not. I thought since He is well aware of what was coming, he was leading me to Gurukshetram to chant Hanuman Chalisa. I called my sister the next day morning after we reached Mumbai. I was much relieved to hear my brother-in-law's voice on the phone. I thanked Bapu for it. Nevertheless, he told me that he was still experiencing chest pains and was thus getting a complete check-up done at the hospital. That made me worry, and once again, I called on Bapu to sail us through this situation. By that time, Hanuman Chalisa chanting at Gurukshetram had begun. In the afternoon, my elder niece called to inform me that the doctor had diagnosed it as some heart problem, and therefore, he had asked my brother-in-law to get himself admitted to the hospital. I immediately suggested they chant the Hanuman Chalisa. All members of my family began writing Ramnaam books for my brother-in-law. The Hanuman Chalisa chanting at the Gurukshetram was divided into two batches, which changed every hour. So, each batch received a break alternatively. During this time, I would sit aside and write the Ramnaam book while chanting the Hanuman Chalisa. On that particular day, we managed to chant the Hanuman Chalisa 122 times. Bapu had ensured that we did the chanting. On reaching Jalgaon the next day, I went to the hospital to check on my brother-in-law. On the surface of it, my brother-in-law seemed normal. However, Dr Shashikant Gajare (MD) did not find his ECG normal. I later came to know that my brother-in-law happened to get severe chest pain once or twice a day. On receiving a shot and placing Sorbitrate under his tongue, the pain would immediately subside. Therefore, the doctor asked us to get an echocardiogram and a colour doppler test done. We requested Dr Paresh Doshi, an MD DM cardiologist, to perform the tests, and he asked us to get the patient's angiography done. Since the ECG was not normal, Dr Gajare asked us to keep him admitted until it stabilized over the next three days. All of it had undoubtedly got us worried to no end. Therefore, I called Hemantsinh Kawle, who works at Happy Home, and updated him on the latest situation. I then requested him to inform Dr Suchit Dada about the episode. Hemantsinh informed Suchit Dada and called back within 30 minutes. He told us that Suchit Dada had asked us to get his angiography done. On Friday, my brother-in-law experienced severe chest pain twice. We decided to get his angiography done on Friday. Since Dr Paresh Doshi was not available that day, he informed us he would perform the angiography on Saturday morning. We began to worry even more. All kinds of anxious thoughts crowded my mind. My sister's son was relatively young, her daughters were yet to get married, and I feared the worst. We were doing all that we could and chanting regularly. My brother-in-law would also chant the Gurukshetram Mantra continuously as he lay down on his hospital bed. Everyone was doing every possible thing. Despite having so much faith, my perseverance was slowly dwindling. In the midst of all that, somewhere deep inside, I knew that nothing untoward was going to happen. We would sit by his side and chant Aradhanajyoti, Hanuman Chalisa, Dattabavani, Ramraksha, Gurucharitra Adhyay 14. However, our Sadguru Bapu takes care of it all. We sail through the troubled times due to His unending grace. Later, we moved my brother-in-law to an Indo-American hospital on Saturday morning. Dr Paresh Doshi showed us his findings while performing the angiography on Saturday afternoon. He informed us that my brother-in-law had 99% blockage in his left artery and 95% blockage in his right artery. He also explained that there was another blockage of about 70% right below the one in the right artery. The matter was serious, and an emergency angioplasty was imperative. Also, it was going to cost us around Rs 2.5 lakh since the doctor had to put in two stents. After discussing it with our friends and family, we informed him that we would deposit some money right away and the rest on Monday. He agreed to proceed with the angioplasty. We sent my brother-in-law to the operation theatre after applying Bapu's Udi on his forehead. The operation was to take 50 minutes approximately. We waited outside and were calling out to Bapu continuously during this time. The doctor came out in about 35 minutes, and everything he informed us was beyond our comprehension. 'It is astounding!' he said. 'You are quite fortunate. He needed just one stent. The other two blockages had disappeared. I did not see them at all.' All of us realized that it was the intervention of our Sadguru Bapu that made this possible. I kept on bowing in front of his lotus feet repeatedly. Our doctor was more surprised than us, and his assistant doctor was wondering how this was possible. On asking Dr Paresh Doshi about it, he shrugged his shoulders and exclaimed that it could have been a spasm although, he was not sure about his conclusion. We informed him about Bapu and told him that we believed it was indeed due to divine intervention. Since only one stent was needed, the angioplasty expenses lessened by about Rs 90,000. On Monday, my brother-in-law was discharged, and he returned home. He has been doing exceptionally well since then. I had called Hemantsinh Kawle on Saturday itself and informed him about our experience. We experienced His eternal love and care, divine intervention and plan. We experienced the healing power of Udi and the power of the Gurukshetram Mantra. We experienced how the divine intervention of the Almighty destroys one's ill-fate. My brother-in-law, Shri Rajendra Tayade would keep chanting the Gurukshetram Mantra all the time. While he was admitted to the hospital for eight days, he kept experiencing mild heart attacks, but my Sadguru Bapu kept him safe and secure. For that, we are truly indebted to Bapu. Due to Bapu's grace, we managed to put together the required amount. My brother-in-law works in a bank. Once the application was filed, within two hours, it was processed, approved and we even received the advance. Amid the chaos, my elder niece even got the approval for a 10-day leave. My sister thereby did not have to worry about the domestic chores. While my brother-in-law had to endure his destiny, Bapu ensured his family's and his safety and security. During this time, the Panchasheel exam results were declared and by Bapu's loving grace, I had secured a distinction. I was called to Mumbai to receive the answer sheet from Suchit Dada on June 06, 2010. Therefore, I got the chance to meet Dada, and I could also tell him about my brother-in-law's health. Dada asked me to bring my brother-in-law's file to him later and raised his hand to let me know that everything would be just fine. What else could I have asked for? Bapu has graced all of us by taking care of such a huge calamity. I felt relieved after sharing my thoughts with Suchit Dada. For now, and always - "Aniruddha, I am ever so indebted to you!"