Aniruddha Bapu ward off critical leg pain problem, even though I was unaware

- Pratikshaveera Kolte


While the world is mired in instability and insecurity, Bapu’s devotees need not worry. Once a devotee accepts Bapu as his Sadguru, Bapu takes care of his worries. So be it a critical illness or a worsening financial situation, Bapu firmly stands with His devotee.

We have experienced the fact that Bapu rushes to a devotee’s aid whenever the devotee calls for Him.

For the last 10 years, my legs have been aching severely and various doctors had advised me to undergo an operation. In 2007, I visited Suchit Dada and showed Him all my X-ray reports. He examined those reports and asked me to undergo an operation immediately. He wondered how I had been able to walk all this while. I replied that it was only because of Bapu’s grace that this was possible.

Dada had suggested the name of Dr. Vivek Shetty for the operation. But, once I returned home I started to worry about my daughter’s wedding which was yet to be decided. Also, my son was in his final year at school. Fortunately, my daughter’s marriage was fixed in December 2008. Moreover, no sooner had my son finished his exams, my husband, Laxmansinh Kolte, fell ill and his recuperation took another 6 months. Afterwards, my daughter got married in the month of May. I had completely forgotten about my operation.

 But, Bapu keeps a loving vigil over His child. He forewarns the devotee of any impending situation through His discourses and His editorials in Pratyaksha. Although I had procrastinated, I knew that my Bapu would take care of me.  In March 2010, Bapu gave a discourse which was perfectly relevant for me. He said,” We often have a tendency to ignore any complaint related to our body. We initially ignore these complaints. But, as the complaints get worse we rush to a doctor and then end up blaming God for all our troubles. In fact, it would be better if we get appropriate treatment done as early as possible.”

That is when I decided that I would not procrastinate further and get an operation done soon. I visited the clinic, with my brother-in-law, Parshuramsinh Kolte and my elder sister-in-law, Kalyaniveera Kolte, to seek Dada’s blessings for the operation. He asked me to go ahead.

My operation was to happen on 17 April 2010 in the Hinduja hospital. I was admitted to the hospital on 15 April. It was a Thursday. On one hand, I was sad that I was going to miss Bapu’s discourse, but on the other hand I was happy that, as it was a Thursday, Bapu would be there with me.

My husband and my sister-in-law were constantly present with me.  On 16 April, in the night, I felt I saw Bapu standing to my right. The next day, in the operation theatre, I heard Bapu say Hari Om to me and I responded with a Hari Om. This is when I was reminded of those lines from the Aniruddha Chaalisaa.

Whenever the devotee calls Him, Bapu wards of the devotees troubles.

 No one is as compassionate as my Bapu, for he does not discriminate between a King and a Pauper.

It is true that Bapu rushes to our aid whenever we call Him. My operation was successful and I was able to stand on my feet properly. This was only possible because of Bapu’s grace.

Bapu has promised us that He will never forsake us. It is this promise, which is a source of support and strength throughout our lives.

O Bapu, please keep me on Your path of Truth, Love and Joy and keep me engaged in Your Devotion and Service.