Aniruddha Bapu relieved me of unbearable knee pain

- Deepaveera Koranhe

We have all heard of incidents where Bapu Himself or through someone else has always stood by all the devout. His blessings have cured many of illnesses while many others have had successful surgeries thanks to Him.

We all know Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management and its Disaster Management course. Many of us have even undergone the training on Rescue Methods imparted by the Academy. I also underwent certification in 2008 from Shree Aniruddha Upasana Kendra- Borivli West and got an opportunity to serve as an AADM volunteer on Anant Chaturdashi day. I am narrating an experience during that time –

On that day, all the DMVs (Disaster Management Volunteers) gathered at 3 pm at Gorai creek. We were all briefed by Arvindsinh Natu and accordingly assumed positions.

There was a steady stream of trucks and lorries of Sarvajanik Mandals that were arrived at the creek. Around 8.30 pm or so, one such vehicle arrived. There was another huge lorry parked ahead. One of the devotees expressed desire to get down from the vehicle at that spot. Responding to him, the Mandal head who was sitting ahead in the vehicle, decided to get down. He started getting down out of the car facing the driver. It so happened, that I was standing right below. This tall, well-built man did not notice me and banged against me. The impact was so hard that I fell on the rocky and mucky road below. Other DMVs around me skipped a beat thinking what state I must be in. But to everyone’s surprise, I was not even scathed!

The female DMVs around me picked me up and were surprised to see that I did not have a single bruise. There was no head or muscle injury either! My beloved Bapu had managed to save me just like a mother would safely hold a falling baby!

A critic would pass off the incident as mere luck! But what surprised everyone around was how I fell! They said that I fell as if in slow motion, just the way “slow motion scene of a fielder falling to the ground while playing cricket is shown on television”.

I firmly declared that Bapu had held me and kept me on the ground so that his child is not hurt!

Two years later in 2010, on Ganesh Chaturthi day we had gone to Gurukshetram for Ganpati Bappa darshan. While waiting for the lift, a volunteer there handed over the Sankalp Supari to me and asked me offer my wishes in front of Bappa. I asked the volunteer more about SankalpSupari.

During that period, I used to suffer a lot from knee pain. I prayed to Bappa to relieve me of this pain and offered to get 21 modaks next year.

A few months later, I was visiting my sister in Santa Cruz as she was unwell. On my return, I suddenly felt that the pain in the knee had aggravated and had become unbearable. I immediately called up my husband who sought an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor immediately. As soon as I reached by house in Borivli, we headed to see the doctor. The doctor called for an X-ray and diagnosed that the cushioning in the knees had a crack and that I need immediate medication. Accordingly, I was put on medication and a diet plan.

Slowly and steadily, my pain subsided and could lead a pain-free life. I firmly believe that Bapu had relieved me of the pain as I had prayed to Him by offering the Sankalp Supari.