My sister, suffering from depression, recovered only due to Aniruddha Bapu's infinite compassion

- Priyaveera Saakhardande

Through His discourses, Bapu continuously offers us protection. Those who listen to His words and obey Him are saved in the times of need. However, those who do not are very much on their own. The Trivikram locket with Bapu’s photograph and Mata Chandikaa’s Manibhadrakankan (Bangle) are two such things, which can help dwarf any adversity.

My sister, Mrs. Kamla Shanbag, stays in Gokarn, Karnataka. She stays with her husband, two sons, their wives and children. Her daughter is married and stays in Mumbai. Her husband owns a mill. My sister would help her husband in his work. She spent most of her time between her household chores and her husband’s work. This left her with little time for herself. Since, May 2010 her husband was not keeping well. He had suffered a heart attack. This had a severe impact on my sister’s health.

Because of this, my sister went into depression in September 2010. She also started having problems with her blood pressure. Whenever I used to call her, she would not say anything. I found out from her son that her behavior had turned erratic. She would not sleep and would consume excessive pills, which were meant to keep her blood pressure under control.

I did not know what to do. Hence, I visited Suchit Dada. He gave her some medicines for a month and asked her to chant the Hanuman Chaalisaa, Dattamalaa Mantra and Aniruddha Chaalisaa once. He also asked me to bring my sister to the clinic.

During this time, she was blessed with a grandson. His naming ceremony was to be held on 9 November. I decided to visit her and hand over the medicines then. When I saw her, I was shocked and worried.  She looked in bad shape. She would hardly sleep in the night. Whenever, someone from the house went out she would worry about that person and not eat her food instead. All her thoughts were completely negative.

On 11 November, I left for Mumbai along with her. It was a Thursday. We reached home the next day.  The same day we went to the clinic. We found out. From others present at the clinic, that Bapu had explained the importance of the Trivikram and the Maniibhadrakankan in his discourse. Moreover, He had said that these form a protective cover around the devotee.

Dada checked all her reports. She had completely neglected her health all these years. She had ringworm on her waist and her nails had turned black completely. Dada asked her to visit a skin specialist. She prostrated in front Dada and while doing so kept on saying that she was a sinner.

We took an appointment with a skin specialist for Saturday. We decided to go to Sai Niwas before going to the doctor. We met Pipa Dada. Pipa Dada had seen my sister earlier. He was surprised to see her in such a depressed state. He asked me to give her the Trivikram locket. He also assured her that Bapu would make everything right. I then took her to Gurukshetram and I got a Manibhadrakankan for her. We visited Dada and He blessed both the things. We then visited the skin specialist. The next day, I removed all the other lockets my sister was wearing and threw them into the dustbin. I made her wear the Trivikram and the Manibhadrakankan.

The next day I decided to take her to a walking trail near my house. She was hesitant and afraid to go out. I asked her to chant Aum Glaum Shri Aniruddaaya Namaha. She would chant for a while but then would say that she was scared and did not know what to do.

Eventually, we reached the walking trail. I started walking in front of her. She was following me slowly. However, by the time I completed my fifth round, I found out that my sister had gone missing. The area of the walking trail was not very large. The walking trail simply had a few trees and an office.

I checked the office, but she was not there. I then asked a few rickshaw drivers at the gate, they had not seen her either. I then decided to go to home and check. But, she was not to be found.

My husband and I took a rickshaw and started looking for her in the nearby buildings, gardens, etc. But, we had no luck. I then called up Sai Niwas. Pipa Dada asked me not to worry. He asked me to chant the Hanuman Chaalisaa.

We then filed a complaint at the nearby Ramnagar police station. On the one hand, I felt guilty for leaving her alone while on the other hand I worried about her and could not hold back my tears.  Disturbing thoughts sprung to my mind.

Finally, I stood in front of Bapu. I prayed to him and I was crying incessantly. In the end, I called up Suchit Dada in the clinic. I narrated the entire incident to Him. He asked me not to worry and asked me to chant the Ghorkashtodharan Stotra.  Dada’s words were a source of encouragement.

Meanwhile, the police had asked for a photograph of my sister. My husband and one Mr. Venkatesh Bhat obtained the photograph, enlarged it and were about to give it to the police. However, the police informed them that a woman, whose description matched that of my sister, was located near the CKP Bank on Kelkar Road. They reached the spot. That woman was my sister!

I profusely thanked Bapu. Vanitha Bhat and I rushed to meet her. On seeing her, she complained that I had left her alone and started crying. I, then, hugged her and pacified her. Even, the police could not hold back their tears. We went to the police station and withdrew our complaint.

She had many ornaments on her body and even then, no harm had come to her. This was possible only because of Bapu. The Trivikram and the Manibhadrakankan had protected her.

We finally understood what had happened. My sister left at around 8.30 in the morning. She wandered off to Kelkar Road and sat near the bank. A woman with her mother was passing by and they saw my sister. After looking at her, they felt something was amiss and they asked a few questions of her. But, my sister would not respond.  At that time, another gentleman, who had entered the bank an hour earlier, told the ladies that my sister had been sitting outside the bank for nearly an hour.

The woman then asked her mother to sit besides my sister and she herself went to the Ramnagar police station to inform them. This is how the police found out my sister’s location.  Bapu had said that He is bound to save those who wear the Trivikram and the Manibhadrakankan. That is what He did. It is only because of His unconditional love that my sister was found.

After we got her home, we called up Dada. He asked us to bring her to the clinic the next day. He also asked her to do 5 Venkatesh Yaag at Juinagar. We went to Juinagar and did what Dada had asked us to do.

Today, my sister has recovered completely. Her ringworm has vanished completely. It is because of this fungal infection that she could not sleep. Now, she calls me and says that she wants to meet Bapu.

Over 1 year ago, my sister’s daughter-in-law was 9 months into her pregnancy. Suddenly, she had a bout of chikunguniya. As she was in such an advanced stage of her pregnancy, she refused to take any medicines. I was worried and I called up Dada. He asked her to chant the Dattamaala mantra thrice and asked her to rub some warm sesame oil over her body. I called her up and asked her to do this. In 3 days, she was cured of chikunguniya. In addition, in another 15 days, she gave birth to a baby boy.

This is how PP Bapu, Nandaai and Suchit Dada protect us. If I keep writing all my experiences, then this issue will not be sufficient. Because of their support, all the troubles have vanished or have been minimized.

O Bapuraya, please keep us at Your Feet. And please give us the strength to do Your devotion and service.