Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu's grace and Ramnaam Book protected me from a snake


- Balkrishnasinh Shirke, Satara Road 

This is an experience depicting the all-pervasive powers of the Sadguru Bapu and his unmerited grace. 

Around 2 pm in the afternoon, I was sitting on the steps in the shadow of the wall. I had a Ramnaam notebook in my hand and was sitting on a plastic sheet. Since I was engrossed writing the notebook, I was not too attentive about the surroundings. 

There was scorching heat outside. Just then a snake, about 5-6 feet long slithered towards me by the side of the wall. However, it did not do anything to me and entered the crack in the ground under the plastic. As I felt some movement, I looked there and saw its partial body and the wagging tail. 

My heart skipped a beat. I got up slowly and stood there. Just then the snake popped its head out from under the plastic sheet and looked at me. I do not know how, but I was not scared of it at that moment. I banged my hand on Ramnaam notebook a few times and tried to shoo it away, and it did move away. I was still standing at the same spot. I am very confident that since I had the Ramnaam notebook in my hand and was wearing the Tripurari Trvikram locket, a big problem was averted.  

Within a second, I had flashes of an incident from Shree Saisatcharitra before my eyes. The incident was about Mirikar’s (a Saibaba devotee) Chithali travel. Mirikar before embarking on the journey had gone to seek Baba’s blessings.  Baba made a fist, swayed it like a snake, and asked him, “Do you know about the long snake? Well, we are children of Dwarakamai; what would it do to us?”  

Later during one of his stays while on travel, he came across a snake. However, he was saved from this dangerous encounter by Baba’s grace. Baba knew about the impending encountera nd had had saved him. When one is saved from a big calamity, one says ‘the situation was there but the time had not come’. However, Bapu has said in one his Pitruvachans that when the situation as well as the time come, the only one who can save a person is one’s Sadguru. The same thing happened in my case.  

I bow a thousand times at Bapuraya’s Lotus Feet! O Sadguru, we follow the path of devotion the way we can. It may not be the most appropriate way, but still, you come and save us during difficult times. This is nothing but your unmerited grace. Bapuraya, I pray at your Lotus Feet to let your all pervasive grace be with us at all times. I will stay grateful to you in every single birth.