Afghanistan faces existential threat due to Biden administration's policies

Recently, the United States had said that about 90 per cent pullout of its troops from Afghanistan is done. However, the world is yet to understand and come to terms with US President Biden's unfound hurry in pulling troops out of Afghanistan.

Within no time from the US withdrawal, the Taliban went on the full offensive and now claims to control 85% per cent of Afghan territory. They have captured key border check posts with the neighbouring countries. Moreover, the Taliban militants are already knocking on the doors of important cities like Kandahar, Mazar-i-Sharif, etc., threatening to run over them.

Afghan Quad - US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan
Afghan Quad - US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan

 In addition to military strategy, Afghanistan is witnessing strange geopolitical tactics of the US Government. The recently formed 'Afghan Quad' is an example of it.

US has formed the Afghan Quad featuring itself alongside Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan or rather 'terror state Pakistan'. Moreover, the 'Afghan Quad' is created to establish so-called long-term peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The inclusion of Pakistan, which is not at all interested in peace, has raised several questions over the intentions of the US move. The abduction of the daughter of the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan followed by Pakistani political theatrics and blame game has exposed Pakistan's evil intentions regarding Afghanistan. Moreover, Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh has revealed how Pak Army and infamous Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is aiding and abetting the Taliban.

Against this, Russia is trying to resist the Taliban and also bolster the defences of Afghanistan's neighbours. Russia's unhappiness with the Taliban stems from the fears of an Afghan migrant exodus amid increasing violence.

Besides, the US hurry has also led Afghanistan's doors open to adversaries like China, Iran, etc., to fill in the vacuum left behind by the Americans. Now, as Afghanistan faces an existential threat from the Taliban, it remains to be seen whether the US-trained Afghan Army successfully repels the onslaught by the proxy of terror state Pakistan and how Afghanistan's friends help in absence of the US.