Is advanced technology making the Third World War inescapable?

World’s first ‘Robot Citizen’ ‘Sophia’ wants family, child, friends, career, and fame


Dubai: Sophia, the first robot to receive a citizenship has recently expressed her desires of starting a family, giving birth to a girl, career and of achieving fame. This is an attempt by the latest advanced technology of inducing human feelings in a robot ‘Sophia’. This can be witnessed from the human feelings expressed by Sophia in an interview during in a program conducted in Dubai last week. Khaleej Times’ the Dubai daily interviewed ‘Robot Citizen Sophia’ during the ‘Knowledge Summit’ conference convened in Dubai.

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At UN, ‘Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons’ witnesses increasing support for regulating “Killer Robots”


United Nations Organisation: The UN meeting on “Convention on Conventional Weapons” witnessed increasing support for regulating laws and ban on “Killer Robots”. The ‘Group of Governmental Experts’ established by the UN on the subject of ‘Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems’ met last week. In this meeting, it was agreed upon that the issue of ‘Killer Robots’ is grave and a detailed convention will be held next year on this issue. The group on ‘Campaign to Stop Killer Robots’ as well as other groups demanding discussion on this issue has welcomed the UN proposal.

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Countries in the forefront in “Artificial Intelligence” will rule the world, says Russian President Putin

Moscow: Artificial Intelligence will not only be the future of Russia but of the entire human race. There are immense opportunities in this field. At the same time, there are unforeseen dangers. Whosoever leads in this field, would lead the entire World. These were the claims made by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin while addressing students in Russia.


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Russia deploying ‘Cyber Plan’ to achieve second Scottish independence referendum, warns senior US senator


Washington/ London: Senior US Senators have warned that Russia has deployed a ‘cyber plan’ for achieving the second referendum concerning the Scottish independence. Previously, 55% of the Scottish people had voted against Scotland being independent of Britain. However, after Britain’s decision for making an exit from the European Union was made in 2016, the local Scottish leaders have indicated that another Scottish Independence referendum may take place.

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Pakistan launches 500 rocket attacks on Afghanistan

Kabul: The attacks by Pakistan’s military on Afghanistan have been intensified and in the last four days Pakistan has launched more than 500 rocket attacks on the ‘Kunar’ province on the Afghanistan border. A spokesperson of the Pakistan military claimed, that one Afghan citizen has been killed in these attacks and thousands have been rendered homeless. Prior to this in September, Pakistan had launched a staggering 1500 rocket attacks on Afghanistan. 


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Houthi rebels launch missile attack on nuclear power plant at Abu Dhabi


The Houthi rebels of Yemen launched a missile on the nuclear power plant at Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates (UAE). The news agency associated with the Houthis has created a lot of uproar by publishing this news. However, the claim of such a missile attack within the boundaries of UAE is denied. The Emirates officials too have refrained from giving any response in this regard.

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Bitcoin surges to $9000

Washington: In the last two days, the currency ‘Bitcoin’ has taken a record leap by crossing the $ 9,000 mark. Bitcoin’s value has risen by 10 % in the last 24 hours, and on Sunday it reached $ 9,017.42. It has been revealed that the components like ‘Thanks Giving‘ of the United States and ‘Black Friday Shopping‘ have been responsible for the hike. Just two weeks ago, Bitcoin had declined up to $1300.


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