By the grace of Maa Chandika and Aniruddha Bapu, I got admission in obstetrics and gynaecology for post-graduation

- Dr Shreemayi Dalvi  Mothi Aai

I am Dr Shreemayiveera Dalvi, an MBBS graduate. I had always aspired to do my post-graduation in obstetrics and gynaecology, and for the same, I attempted NEET–PG exam as per the guidance of Suchit Dada. The results of NEET–PG were declared in January. I secured a rank of 14,120 at the all-India level. I was very disheartened at this rank, as going by the trend of counselling in the past I was nowhere close to getting any clinical seat, forget about even getting into obstetrics and gynaecology (OBS. & GYN.). In May, our State–CET Cell (DMER) conducts personal counselling rounds for admissions in which the seats available are displayed live on screen, and we have to take admission then and there itself. According to the schedule of personal counselling for that year, my counselling was scheduled on day three (24/05/2017) of the round. I closely monitored the previous rounds to see if there was any hope of getting at least a diploma in OBS and GYN. Surprisingly, day two of counselling had come halfway through, and still, the degree seats of MS OBS. & GYN. had been vacant in some peripheral government medical colleges. My hopes were raised seeing this. I rushed to Suchitdada for guidance about the order of preference I should opt for, should these seats be available by the next day of counselling. Dada gave us the preference order and told me to go to Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram and pray to Maa Chandika. He said, "Tell Mothi Aai (Mother Jagadamba) what you want; tell Her what is in your mind, and that will happen", he said. We went to Gurukshetram and I earnestly prayed to Maa Chandika, saying, "Aai, I am ready to go anywhere for my further studies, but I want to pursue my post-graduation in this field. Please help me.' Meanwhile, the counselling round was still going on. By the end of that day, there were only three seats left in the field of my choice. My counselling was for the morning session the next day, and as per the ranks, there were about 107 eligible candidates ahead of me. I was constantly praying to Maa Chandika and Aniruddha Bapu. Our counselling round began at 9 am, and by the time the initial scrutiny rounds were over, it was about 11.30 am. Suddenly, the in-charge of the counselling process came into the room and informed us that the process had to be stalled as the Supreme Court's verdict of the court case between a specific college and the State CET Cell was expected. The process would begin only after the verdict. On resuming the process, the in-charge announced that the SC verdict was in favour of the state CET Cell and 53 seats were to be added to the counselling round. He further informed that the verdict also mentioned that these seats were only to be given to students after the 13,001 rank. Such an incident has never occurred in the history of our counselling; a new college getting added amid the counselling round, and that too with a specific mention of a rank number. Now because of the newly added seats, the available seats increased to six in the branch of my choice. Also, by Maa Chandikai's and Aniruddha Bapu's grace, out of 107 eligible candidates, only 64 candidates were ahead of me for the counselling. It is only and only because of the unmerited grace of my Maa Chandika and my loving Aniruddha Bapu that I could secure admission to the branch of my choice. My only humble prayer is that you forever let me be at your lotus feet.