Good News from Aanjaneya Website…

I am sure many of you have been enjoying the eBooks and eMagazines that are provided by Aanjaneya Publications through their website. I have also been personally using and monitoring the overall performance. 


But in the last many days Aanjaneya’s email account as well as my personal email has been abuzz with many requests for starting of postal delivery of hard copy books and the booking of the same through Aanjaneya website.

Also post ‘Premyatra - Nahu Tuziya Preme’ we have also been inundated with demands of enablement of booking of CDs and DVDs through Aanjaneya site.

Respecting these requests and feedback I am extremely happy to let you all know that from the auspicious day of Gurupournima i.e. 27th July 2013, Aanjaneya online book store is transforming itself into eShoppe. Henceforth apart from purchasing and accessing eBooks and eMagazines on Aanjaneya website users would also be in position to book the hardcopy books and magazines to be delivered to their doorstep. Now you can enjoy choicest of the books in the new-age i.e. online as well as traditional hardcopy form.

What’s more??? Users can also book deliveries of various CDs and DVDs of wonderful compositions like Aniruddha Path, Sunderkand, Tum Bin Kaun Sahara, Ganpati Aarti, etc; just to list a few. I am sure this announcement would be the one which many of you had been eagerly waiting for.

Further the website of Aanjaneya as a whole is also undergoing many changes which would make it more user-friendly and self-explanatory for all. Additionally an attractive user interface would be greeting users whenever they access Aanjaneya. The look is absolutely fresh and novel which would give all the users a more pleasant and comfortable feel. 

I am extremely eager to start using all the new features myself and also enjoy the attractive look and feel of the portal. I am sure you too would be… I would be glad to receive your reviews and feedback about your experience with revamped website and new services of Aanjaneya; which will in turn help us to upgrade and revamp the site further.