A Pricked Needle Came Off….

Sujata Gade, Satara
A Shraddhavan lady has a needle prick her finger leaving the tip of the needle inside. It was a tiny little tip of the needle but the lady cannot bear the pain. However, if someone told one that by applying Udi, the bleeding would stop and then it facilitated the pulling off the tip of the needle, would one believe it? Definitely, a Shraddhavan Bapu follower will believe it because Bapu would have come there to help her through someone and the tip of the needle came off.
  A Pricked Needle Came Off…. -Sadguru Aniruddha My name is Sujataveera Vijaysinh Gade. I am a home maker. I also do some tailoring work. I have been following Bapu for the last one year. I have experienced Bapu’s divine grace on many occasions. I am going to narrate one such experience. Whenever we do some farming, I am compelled to go there and do some farming work myself. Then during my lunch time, when I get some time, I read out Bapu’s experiences from “Krupasindhu” to other women who work with me. While I read out the experiences of other people, funnily, today I am going to narrate to you an experience I have had. It was Monday, March 11, 2013. I finished cooking for the day. I performed Bapu’s upasana and aarati. I had some time, so I decided to sit and relax for a while. In the nick of time, my daughter who studies in sixth grade, came to me and said that her dress had torn. She insisted that I stitch it for her there and then itself. Therefore, I took her dress and went upstairs where I had the sewing machine and decided to stitch it back for her. Right at that moment, a guest called. Since there was a lot of background noise, I could not hear the guest well on phone. At that time, my foot was on the paddle of the machine and the hand was near the needle. Since I could not hear the voice clearly, in my eagerness to hear from the other side of the phone call, I quickly got up from my seat. While I was getting up, my foot got pressed on the paddle with pressure and the machine wheel began to rotate. My hand was right under the needle. Since the wheel rotated, the needle pricked my finger hard. Since the needle pricked me, I pulled my hand away and realized that blood was gushing out of my finger. I pressed my finger hard to control the blood flow and began to come down the staircase. The blood continued to gush out. There was blood everywhere on the staircase as well as on the floor. The finger had begun to ache uncontrollably. I held my finger hard and stood in front of Bapu’s picture on the wall. I told him that my finger was aching terribly. I applied Udi on the finger. The skin on the finger had cracked open and thus, the blood was oozing at an alarming rate. I was chanting Bapu’s name. Surprisingly, no sooner did I apply Udi on my finger, than the bleeding stopped. My finger was throbbing with pain. On applying Udi, the pain subsided immediately. Most importantly, Udi which was applied on the wound had not soaked in the blood. It had stayed dry like it usually is. For almost 90 minutes after that I had no pain or bleeding. However, I was focused on my finger. The incident took place at 8:30 in the night and around 10 pm, I began to feel the pain. Therefore, I looked at my finger closely. The needle had pierced diagonally through my nail and was protruding outside. When I looked at my finger, I did not see anything, I could see only the white part of the finger. However, after sometime, it began to ache uncontrollably. Therefore, I looked at the inside portion of the finger.  On a closer look, I could see a twig looking thing inside. I then tried to feel it with a needle and I could feel the tip of the needle there. Alas!  That meant the needle had broken and the tip was stuck in my finger. Since I wanted to pull it out, I tried digging into that area. After some efforts, I felt that the tip of the needle had come out a little bit. It could have been pulled with a tweezer. I called my neighbour, Priyanka but in vain. We both could not pull it out. My finger was throbbing by then. We then decided to go to the hospital. There was no doctor available at that time. A new resident doctor was on duty. That doctor not only failed to pull the needle out but he also inadvertently pushed it inside. The aching worsened. I was crying uncontrollably at that point in time. I was not able to think logically. I finally told him not to do anything to pull the needle out. I told him that I would go to Satara and get it pulled out. Inthe midst of my loud screaming and crying, the door of Doctor’s cabin was opened. A girl and her hearing and speech impaired brother came straight into the room. There were patients outside but in spite of that when they entered the room, I felt as if someone who cared for me had come in. On seeing me cry like that, the girl embraced me just as a mother would embrace her crying child. She began to comfort me. Her brother tried to pull the needle but in vain. Then he informed something to her sister and ran out to his home. He came back with a nail cutter in his hand.  His sister was pacifying me by telling me not to cry. She kept saying that the needle would come off soon. I had hugged her tight. In the nick of time, her brother pulled out the needle with the help of the nail cutter. I did not even realize it. It did not ache at all. He kept that needle on my palm and they both looked at me with a pleasant smile on their face. The boy had come to the hospital since his stomach was hurting. He then through his hand gestures told us that his stomach was not hurting any more. His sister said, “He removed your needle and his stomach stopped hurting. You have been crying for so long, could you now smile a bit please?”  She just turned around and along with her brother left the hospital without taking any medicines for her brother. It ached a little bit as I travelled back home. I then applied Udi on it and the pains withered away. I had no other problem later. Next day from morning 8 till evening 6:30, I harvested millet over almost an acre of land but my finger did not ache at all. Surprisingly, I did not have to take any painkiller for it at any given point in time. I just took an anti-tetanus injection. I then realized that if one has complete faith in Bapu then the impossible becomes possible. Udi had worked like Turmeric. It had acted as a painkiller tablet. It was the Udi that pushed the needle on the lower side and thus I could pull it out. I felt that it was Bapu who had come to pull the needle out in the form of that brother-sister duo. Therefore, all I want to say is

“Ek Vishwas Asava Purta, Karta Harta Guru Aisa.”