Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu

The 18 Promises of Trivikram

The 18 Promises of Trivikram

The 18 Promises of the Trivikram

By the grace of the Dattaguru,
I am all-competent, ever-ready
To the Shraddhavaan, at all times,
I will extend support ||1||

I will help you, for sure I will,
But to the Tri-Naath alone, are My ways,
My means known ||2||

Have no doubt about this fact, none whatsoever,
Never ever will I let you face any anguish and agony,
I never will ||3||

In the life of a Bhakta so loving,
For any sin, I do not keep looking at all ||4||

My glance, just the one
Will render the Bhakta cleansed of sin ||5||

The one who reposes in Me trust, full, unshakeable
His mistakes I will mend and set right for certain||6||

Also, the one who causes my Bhakta pain and suffering
Him, I will punish, yes, I will certainly ||7||

My Bhaktas' fate, any, of any kind be it,
I will change it, I will break it, block it out I will ||8||

Without breach of the Jagadamba's laws, of course,
Lifting you out of misery, I will lead you to unfathomable paths ||9||

I am your God, forever rising
Never will I set, your fate I will temper ||10||

In full faith pledge, offer the sacred vow, offer Bhakti, toil, sweat
As your faith, so is my grace,
your blissful abode I am always ||11||

Of all the paths that be, it is Bhakti that is dear to me
Your birth-life-death in vain will never be ||12||

He who, in loving surrender, sings the Gajar,
Happiness will fill his life, boundless, beyond measure ||13||

Who can stop you from offering Me your Bhakti,
who at all? Be he full with desire and anger,
My name will salvage My Bhakta ||14||

My name in love who sings from the heart,
his every wish I will fulfill
His home I will enrich,
with peace and contentment I will fill ||15||

When focussed on My feet resolute, unflinching
Perils and calamities flee in fear,
innumerable they be ||16||

The true Bhakta dwells at My two lotus feet,
My third will stamp, trample your perils, calamities ||17||

Where there is Bhakti, complete faith and love
I am the Doer there, I, Trivikram ||18||

| Hari Om | ShreeRam | Ambadnya |
| Naathsanvidh |

Written by Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi