Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu

Shree Aniruddha Mahima (English)

Shree Aniruddha Mahima (English)

Shree Aniruddha Mahima
The Buddhi firm in Aniruddha,
Whence, misery & stress, never!
His mere Darshan rids all worries,
And destroys intense ill-fate ||1||

He pervades all, He is infinite,
Whether we be in solitude,
or in a crowd be it,
He knows the foibles, the core of all ||2||

A single glance, just the one,
in a moment it wipes out sin,
Lifts the life that is fallen,
Burning down heaps of wrongdoing ||3||

No word He needs pronounce,
Nor needs He a touch to bless,
Alone His flowing stream of grace,
Suffices and lends purpose to life ||4||

For the upliftment of human birth,
He has come down to the earth,
Complete & perfect in attribute & form,
For Bhaktas, He is the ultimate support ||5||

Having journeyed through 84 lakh species,
Only then the human birth comes,
But the birth a fulfilled life becomes,
At Aniruddha's lotus feet alone, be known ||6||

The worldly life led by Dharma,
With love at heart, make the life meaningful,
Immersed in the Name yet aware & alert,
So He says always. Do it ||7||

An ocean of joy immense He is,
Love and grace boundless He is,
Cares and protects always He does,
Infinite bliss always He grants ||8||

Not a trace of virtue from the past,
Yet at His feet, who offers himself,
Chants Aniruddha, Aniruddha every moment,
easily, the path will open up ||9||

Neither faith nor Bhakti in the heart
Ignorance weighs heavy on the chest,
Such a one too looks at His Feet, by chance
him too in stormy seas He protects ||10||

Toil, strive and sweat it out,
The Name of Hariguru be always on the lips,
This alone is the one sublime rule,
Loud and clear, He speaks in earnest ||11||

Each of us seeks the strength of mind,
We try in vain, no avail, futile,
So, Aniruddha’s word, all assuring,
Firmly bear in mind, always ||12||

You and I firm together,
Nothing can stand in the way ever,
This He pledges open and forthright,
Aniruddha, the ultimate Ruler ||13||

All strengths and powers root in the mind,
But its strength, we never comprehend,
Remember always His 'Pledge of Honour',
For Aniruddha alone grants competence and courage ||14||

Follow His Word, make Seva an offering,
Singing glories of His Name and contemplating,
This is the only means, gratifying,
Of austerity simple and sweet ||15||

May faith be pure and from the heart
And the mind too be totally cleansed,
Every Seva offer wholeheartedly,
Will make the life fulfilled truly||16||

Neither the need to forsake the wife,
Nor the home nor family life,
Yet attain the highest Truth in life,
Singing glories of Aniruddha Naam ||17||

The right, the wrong I know not,
Nor understand what benefits and harms,
I hold firm Your Lotus Feet,
Take care, protect me, O please ||18||

The heavy knowledge of scriptures I fear,
Laurels and honour are not dear,
Ten faculties and the mind,
At Your lotus feet, I offer it all ||19||

All, each in my interest, apt,
You will, Yes! You will surely grant,
For certain, yes, I do know that,
So, O Raghav, no complaints at all ||20||

O Divine One, O dear Sadguru,
O Pure One, who showers joy,
O Sagun Brahma, O Bhakta's friend,
Protect me, O Bapu, Protect me please! (3) ||21|