Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu

Uthun Basnya Damlo Nahi, Heech Kay Ti Seva Ghadli !

- Madhavi Tilve Seva Ghadli The efforts I put in were as insignificant as standing up from rest Sleep is one such thing which, if one gives in, can make them lose track of time. Therefore, one needs someone who can rouse one from it and who else can do it, but one’s Sadguru? Our Sadguru lovingly accepts the responsibility of getting his children to do the right thing at the appropriate time. However, one needs to have an intense desire to do whatever one’s Sadguru asks of them.   We used to live in Mahim. After my son Ritesh got married in November 2010, he and his wife decided to live here in Mahim. So, my husband and I moved out and shifted to Malad.  On January 17, 2011, Ritesh had to travel to Bangalore for some office work. His wife was to spend a few days with her parents. For those eight odd days, we decided to go to Mahim for a short stay.   17th January was a Monday. In one of his earlier discourse, Bapu had given specific instructions for shraddhavans who felt they needed to do something for ensuring a good Vastu. Bapu had instructed that one could, on any Monday from 11:30 pm till Tuesday 11:30 pm, hold Chandikamata photo close to one’s heart for 6 minutes every three hours. He had said one should chant the Gurukshetram Mantra while walking around in their home. He had also said one could do this at least eight times in this span of 24 hours.    My husband and I were slightly worried over whether we would be able to get up at the early hours of the day to follow the instructions. However, I have realised that if Bapu wants to get something done, he ensures that he provides the strength to make it happen as well. That is precisely what I experienced.   I slept around 10-10:15 pm, but I woke up at 11:30 pm sharp. I got up instantly, held the Chandikamata photo close to my heart and while chanting the Gurukshetram Mantra, I walked around the entire house. After doing this, I went off to sleep again. I had kept the alarm clock close to my pillow. When I woke up next (Bapu woke me up), it was exactly 1 am. So, I went back to sleep thinking that I needed to get up at 3 am in another two hours.   But in just a little while, the telephone rang. Now, because it rang in the middle of the night, I was quite startled. My husband said that since Ritesh was to leave around 3:30 am, he must have set the alarm at 3 am. I got up immediately and checked the clock. It was 2 am. However, my husband realised that the clock had stopped working.   That meant, despite the clock being dysfunctional, Bapu had awoken me by ringing the phone at 3 am. He ensured that I chanted the Gurukshetram Mantra. He ensured that I chanted the mantra to spread positive vibrations in the house.   The story did not end there. The next day, Tuesday, January 18, I received a phone call. The caller asked me if I could reach Shree Harigurugram to do Aukshan for Bapu. I instantly answered in affirmation. I was not going to let such an opportunity pass for sure, but I wondered who had called and from where after I disconnected the call.   On Thursday, I got ready and reached Shree Harigurugram. On reaching there, I learned the phone call had been made from Link Apartment, our Institution’s office. It was meant for all those who had completed 50 Ramnaam books. I was also given an opportunity to participate in the Shreemadpurushartha Grantharaj procession. I got the chance to stand behind the Palanquin with chavarya. I had not even imagined that I would ever get an opportunity like this in my wildest dreams, but I was in awe of how Bapu could do anything anytime.   Who else can do all of these things other than Bapu? He ensured that my son travelled to Bangalore, that we went back to Mahim for a few days, that I chanted the Gurukshetram Mantra within the mentioned 24 hours at that house and that I was invited to do Aukshan. Also, he ensured that I got to participate in the Shreemadpurushartha procession. What’s interesting is that at the time of opening my Ramnaam Bank account, even though I used to live at Malad, I had given my Mahim telephone number. And to top it all, I received the phone call at Mahim at the precise time when we were in the house. That means, when Bapu wanted me to do something, all of these things came together. Not to mention that because it was his resolution, it had to reach the intended fruition.   While walking on the path of bhakti (Bhaktimarg), one must look at these experiences as a guiding light to make further progress. “That is why, Bapu, when I get such experiences, I feel that I am stepping forward in the right direction. Should you feel the same way, help me put forward steps in the right direction faster and more intensely. Even if I stumble, make me take a few wrong steps; please correct me and help me come back on track; please give me the courage and the conviction to get over obstacles in my life. Also, do keep my thoughts and intelligence steadfast at your lotus feet. I know you have promised all your devotees that “you would never forsake anyone.” O Sadguru, please grant me your blessings!